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Song for this week!!

Full name➵Chloe hope monse Granger-Weasley
wand/patronus ➵ Black Walnut wood with a Unicorn core, 13 ¾" and Hard flexibility/calico cat
blood status ➵ tribrid(My mom is Hope Mikaelson, she's the daughter of a werewolf and a vampire, the granddaughter of an evil witch and my dad Rafael Waithe and he is a werewolf)
favorite classes ➵ charms, defense against the dark arts,arithmancy

Gender➵ Female, obvi!
Age ➵ why would i tell you?
Horoscope ➵ Libra (October 5)
Ethnicity ➵ african - american or black/I am actually a Hufflepuff

Name: Irena
Species: Sugarglider
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years

Names:(far left) M.G,(middle one)Royalty Mikealson,(far right) Landon
M.G is male,Royalty is female,Landon is male
They are all 5 years old

Job➵co founder of #girlbawse,assistant minister of magic,Gryffindor coach
Favorite shows ➵ the flash, fuller house, maggie and bianca, game shakers,school of rock,once upon a time,on my block,degrassi:next class,friends,black lightning,riverdale,vampire diaries trilogy,glee,all medical shows,the fosters
Favorite movies ➵ harry potter (all), camp cool kids, wonder,avengers(all),xmen(all), Aladdin (2019)
Favorite color ➵ pink
Favorite sports ➵ Cheerleading,football
Favorite drink ➵ orange Fanta
Favorite songs➵ In my feelings,meant to be,I like it,stress free,why,old town road,boo'd up,trip,drip,speechless,I don't care,black lighting theme song,fancy,back in black,don't start now,someone you loved, Wondering,the box
Night o. or early b. ➵ night owl
Favorite accessories➵ heels,big earrings,braclets

Sisters ➵ Addison Snow,mione (hmu if you want to be one :))
Nicknames ➵Cece,hope,monse,hope-monse(anyone can call me that) ((feel free to add more!))

\love singing/

Matters of importance ➵

Mom,Dad,together ~

Grandparents/Uncle ~

Books ~

Printemps ball outfit ideas personal note
Number 1~

Number two~

My fave edits!
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