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Hello again, everybody! I think we're all down about covid and something that would help would be… giving out some awards! That's right, I'm organizing awards to lighten everyone's mood! Head over to my wall to check out what the awards are, and how to nominate people! The people you nominate must be active. Once you nominate, you can join the HiH awards group, where you can watch as people get nominated and win awards! Nominating will end on Thursday, December 17, and then voting will start. You can vote for all the awards as long as you are in the group! Voting will close on Wednesday, December 23, and winners will be announced on January 6, 2021. Awards below.

Nomination Form: https://forms.gle/iMEHzYrNfKR97qTB6
Award Group (only join if you nominated someone and/or were nominated: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/groups/59211/

Benevolence Award-someone who is kind to everyone, even when they don't need to be.
Friendship Award-not just the person with the most friends, but the person who takes the time to reach out to their friends
Popularity Award-a person who everyone knows
Nerd Award-who's the nerdiest person you know? (In a good way!)
Best Full Name Award-the person with the best full name and the backstory behind it, in your opinion
Best Overall Wall Award-the person with overall the best wall
Most Aesthetic Wall Award-the person with the most aesthetic wall
Most Creative Wall Award-the person with the most creative wall
Psycho Award-the craziest psycho, but in a good way
Hard Worker Award-the person who works to keep the world a better place
Dedicated Award-not only dedicated to work and school, but dedicated to their family and friends
Best Newbie Award-the newcomer who is already doing great things
Helper Award-the most helpful when you are down or sad
Most Active Award-the person who is always on-or at least it seems like that
Creativity Award-maybe they're always making things and sharing them, or coming up with creative groups
Writing Award-nominate somebody for a specific story they've written-it doesn't matter if you don't like the person, if it's your favorite book, then they deserve the award

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"I've realized that while life isn't perfect, it is pretty darn good."
-Halina Adams

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1. You can advertise, but no spamming with the same message over and over again!
2. If you want to rp, don't just owl me a starter. Ask me nicely if I will rp with you- and be ready if I say I can't. I'm busy, people!
3. You touch my family, and you are dead.
a. You touch my daughters, and you are worse than dead.
b. Same goes for my boyfriend.
4. Don't tell me to follow you back. I will follow you back if I like you.
5. No copying anything in my backstory without talking to me. If I say you can use something, you must give me credit.
6. If I hurt you or offend you, tell me. I want to make it better.
7. You believe what you believe, but you do not judge my religion.
8. No swearing, peeps!
9. Don't criticize my backstory. I've spent hours on it.
10. Have fun!

Halina Kiola Mae Felicity Drell Tralee Kenosha Charlie Joliet Lestrange Malfoy Adams

Given name: Kiola Lestrange Malfoy

(I am a nickname freak! Post more on my wall.)

Lina~all my followers
Lini~ask if you aren't family
Lili~ask if you aren't family
Kiola~my triplets only or I promise you will regret it
Choco Pie~Ashley

<summary>☆Background on My Fellow Triplets and My New Name☆</summary>
When I was born, my parents gave me the name ‘Kiola’ alongside my twins, Viola and Riola. As we grew up, we were always just ‘the iola triplets’. When friends realized that we were all individuals, we became just another old group of girls.

Soon it became clear that Viola was the good one and Riola was the bad one. There was no in between for poor Kiola. I didn’t want to be the boring in-the-middle child, so I restyled myself as Halina- a girl who loved her family, but would not be defined by what she was not.

Viola and I are closer than ever, and Riola and I are mending. Mom and Dad have come to terms with who I’ve decided to be, and we all love each other very much. I keep Kiola as a middle name because that past girl is still a part of me- and because no matter what, I’ll always be a triplet.

Hair: brown with hints of coppery red
Eyes: brown
Skin: pale



I'm straight, and engaged to Ben ❤️.

Ben and I:

My wedding dress:


House: Slytherclaw
Patronus: grass snake
Wand: beech wood with unicorn hair
Timezone: Colorado mountain time.
Birthday: May 10

<summary>☆My Shared Accounts☆</summary>
-The Malfoy Descendants-
-The Adams Family-
-Halina and Jessica-
-The Fantastic Core Four-

<summary>☆My Other OCs☆</summary>
<summary>☆My Heroes and Villains OC☆</summary>
Zarali Kiarim, Princess of Kiarim

Princess Zarali is scared of letting her parents down, but she feels trapped in the palace. She has the power to grow any plant from anywhere, and uses it to create beauty. Sadly, almost nobody else seems to grasp the importance of nature. She has an older brother, Zakai, who she loves but she feels like he doesn't have time for her.

<summary>☆My Descendants OCs☆</summary>
Cece De Vil, older half-sister of Carlos De Vil

Cecilia "Cece" De Vil, half-sister to Carlos, is also his opposite. Ruthless, mean, and cold hearted, all she wants is revenge on him for getting her kicked out of the house years ago. She's built a reputation for being an amazing fighter and street terror, and is known for being a loner.
(I have a separate account for her. Find her here: https://hogwartsishere.com/1193340/)

Princess Malina, daughter of Mal

Princess Malina loves her parents, but is overwhelmed by everyone's expectations for her to live up to their legacy. She gets it all out through spray painting and pranking with her best friends. She worries about what kind of queen she'll be, but she's a confident girl and knows that she can do it. (I also have a separate account for her. Find her, and her best friends, here: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/1193740/)

<summary>☆My KOTLC OC☆</summary>
Silvie Foster, Sophie Foster's twin

Silvie is all but forgotten. The only people who even know that two experimental elf babies were created are the people who created her- and those people are long gone. She knows who Sophie is, but Sophie does not know that Silvie exists. Silvie goes to Exillium.

<summary>☆My Harry Potter OC☆</summary>
November Rivera

November is just a regular muggleborn Hogwarts student who loves to read. She is quieter but will really come out of her shell once she gets to know someone. She doesn't know what she wants to do when she grows up- but she plans to change the world.

<summary>☆My Muggle OCs (all a family)☆</summary>

A quick overview of the family:

It started out with Mavis Moldier marrying Dona Reporre. The couple got divorced, and Mavis and Ludelle got married. They ended up divorcing. Then Mavis married Gralie Lupond and Ludelle Maine ended up marrying Jason Jolis, and the rest is history. It resulted in a tangled web of kids who don't know how they're related.

Casey---> daughter of Mavis Moldier and Ludelle Maine

Jacob---> son of Mavis Moldier and Ludelle Maine, twin of Dax

Dax---> son of Mavis Moldier and Ludelle Maine, twin of Jacob

Heaven---> daughter of Jason Jolis and Ludelle Maine, twin of Nevaeh

Nevaeh---> daughter of Jason Jolis and Ludelle Maine, twin of Heaven

Kodak---> son of Jason Jolis and Ludelle Maine

Joey Moldier---> daughter of Mavis Moldier and Gralie Lupond

Landin Moldier---> son of Mavis Moldier and Gralie Lupond

Luke Moldier---> son of Mavis Moldier and Dona Reporre

Casey Moldier

Casey is an ordinary eighteen-year-old girl from a messed up family. She loves to write music. She's single.

Jacob Moldier

Jacob is a twenty-year-old who dreams of becoming a top-notch engineer. He's single.

Dax Moldier

Dax is a twenty-year-old who spends his time playing video games. He's single.

Heaven Jolis

Heaven is a fifteen-year-old who loves to be in control. She's class president every year. She's single.

Nevaeh Jolis

Nevaeh is a fifteen-year-old who feels overshadowed by her twin, Heaven. She is quiet and is rarely noticed by anyone. She’s single.

Kodak Jolis

Kodak is a naive and almost always happy fourteen-year-old who wants to be a therapist someday. He’s single.

Joey Moldier

Joey is a seventeen-year old who hates her life. She needs someone to shine into it. She’s single.

Landin Moldier

Landin is a sixteen-year-old who tags along behind his sister, Joey. He has a band. He’s single.

Luke Moldier

Luke is a twenty-two-year-old wild card. He spends his days with his gang, and has been arrested several times. He’s single.

quirky, friendly, and loves to talk

ice cream, hanging out with friends, The Descendants Movies, 80’s rock, earrings, and curling up with a good book… or writing one

ketchup, voice cracks, and bugs of any sort

acting, reading, writing, singing, and playing basketball

Christianity. Yes, I am one of those 'Jesus Freaks', and mighty proud of it!

Color: light purple
Food: chimichurri rice
Soda: Sprite mixed with Dr. Pepper
Candy: gummy bears
Book: Kingdom of Ash and Briars by Hannah West
Movies: The Descendants Trilogy
Songs: Space Between from Descendants and Cold by Indiana Massara and Alex Sampson


<summary>☆Just Me Raving About Ben☆</summary>

My king and I:

If kisses were raindrops
I'd send you showers
I'm freaking in love with you
You're on my mind every hour

If smiles were water
I'd send you the sea
Darling, I want you to know
That you mean everything to me


A little bit about him:
He's so sweet and caring. Whenever I'm feeling down, he brightens my days. I don't know what I'd do without him.


Okay, I'm done raving now. Check out the rest of my special mentions below!


My adopted daughters Paige, Paisley and I:

You'll always be my favorite twins
Bright, shining stars
You light up my world
And I am so happy that you chose me

I can't believe how blessed I am
To have you as my daughters
Thank you for shining through the darkness
And giving me something to live for


My adopted daughter Arianna and I:

I’m so happy I get to be
Your mother
Through thick
And thin

If you only you could see
How precious you are
The way that I
See You


My adopted daughter Arianna's adopted daughter Esmeralda-Renesmee and I:

I'm so blessed
To be your grandma
And I am always here
Through dark nights and pouring rains

The world may hate;
It's hated me
But when you are strong
You will break free


My adopted daughter Arianna's adopted daughter Ginny and I:

Always here, always ready
To wipe your eyes
To dry your tears
That's what a grandma is for

I'll never stop loving you
I'll keep you safe
And through life's trials I'll comfort you
You'll always be in my heart


My adopted daughter April and I:

You've extended our family beyond three
Now I have so many to care for
I will always love you, no matter the cost
Darling, you mean so much to me

Don't ever be afraid
I will never leave you
I'm here
So you don't have to fear


My adopted daughter April's quadruplets:

Cameron, Allyson,
Paris, London
Your smiles are sweet
Your names are grand

I'm here for you
No matter what
For whatever and what


My parents and I:

I guess we didn't always get each other
And we did fight sometimes
But know that no matter what
I love you deep down inside

Thank you for caring
And keeping me safe
I will never forget
Everything you've done for me


My triplet sister Gemmy and I:

Blessed am I
To have a sister so awesome
A best friend to lean on
To talk with and laugh with

I will never leave you
Never not be here
I guess all I can say is
You're my favorite Gemmy


My triplets and I: (Viola/Gemmy and Riola):

When the whole world is against us
We have each other
We entered the world together
And I don't want to live a day without you

We've had our troubles
And I wish we were all still a little trio
But through it all
I know deep down the love remains


My sister Jessica and I:

What would I do without you?
My amazing older sister
I'd be lost, alone, and who knows what else
Without you here

I couldn't stand to lose you
You are my constant support
There's no better way to say it-
I love you, big sis


My sister Taco and I:

Through dark chasms and hard trials
You extended your hand to me
More than a sister, also a best friend
I love you so much, sis

How my love is so strong
I really don't know
But there's this special bond of sisterhood
That will never bring us down


My sister Mal and I:

A role model even to me
Your light shines brightly
The fact that I get to be your sis
Is a gift beyond my ability to fathom

I look forward to what you have to say
And look forward to your responses
And I want you to know I'm always here
For anything and everything


My sister Ashley and I:

I guess they didn't lie
When they said that a sis was a great friend
Cause that's what you've been
Since we met

Caring and kind
Always there
Thank you, sis
I love you, girl


My little brother Carl and I:

Though we don't always see eye to eye
You brighten up my days
Talking to you and hearing your voice
Makes everything seem okay

If only you knew what a light you were
It would be plain to see
When you grow up and go out into the world
You're doing to do great things


My niece Ariana and I:

An awesome girl who's always there
To support me and keep me happy
How amazing is it
That I get such an amazing niece

In all my endeavors you stay by me side
A stronghold and oh, what a beauty
My darling niece
You'll always be my favorite Ariana


My niece Zilla and I:

A bond so great stretches the distance
Between you and I
When you reach out for help or for fun
It puts a smile in my eyes

Don't you worry, I'm always here
Here as your auntie
Reach out whenever, I'll respond
My darling niece


<summary>☆Mah Amazing Friends☆</summary>

Rory and I:

Constant moral support
Giving me tips and help
Writing an amazing story
A friend through every fall

Close to my heart
A rock so strong
Thank you my friend, for everything
You're awesome, Rory girl


Coco and I:

Another girl who loves to read
Ah, what could be better?
Maybe the fact that you're there
No matter the weather

Always ready to compliment
And give me writing advice
One of my best beta readers
Thanks girl… you da best!


Marvi and I:

Great for laughs, always reaching out
And an amazing entrepreneur
I'm amazed at how loved you make me feel
How known and oh so found

Thanks for the discounts
The love and the care
Devoted to our friendship
I am blessed beyond compare


Alethea and I:

Shared beliefs create a strong friendship
At least, that's true for us
So glad to have found another Christian
To talk with and pray with and chat

Though trials come and roads get hard
We both know the light
And having you to lean on
Makes this life not so hard


Kaya and I:

I don't really remember how exactly we met
But I remember from the very start
You lit up my life and helped me see myself
In the good light that I should

Sometimes it amazes me
How I could be so blessed to call you friend
But then I remember how God has a plan
And it doesn't seem so crazy anymore


If you want me to add you, post on my wall!


My german shepherd police dog, Regal

My husky puppy, Koda

My pomeranian puppies, Ruby, Rosie, and Posie


The Twists In My Trail
Just Down the Street
The Space Between Us
This is War
Water Girl
The Smart Squad
Hook Me (Harry Hook Fanfiction)
Love and Wisdom Don't Mix (Draco Malfoy Fanfiction)
And We All Fall Down (a short story)
Little Beauty (a short story)
∆•°•The Kingdom of Asher and Brian•°•∆ (a short story)
Healing Through Tears (a short story)
Dumpster Diving (a short story)
Prince Phillipius and the Rose (a retelling of Sleeping Beauty)
Piper's Story (a short story)
The World vs. Us (a love story)
Maybe the Stars (a screenplay)
A Short Story Collection by Halina Adams

Meet Cece De Vil

I wrote them unless it says "cover". Please don't steal or use these without my permission. If you want me to write a song for your wedding or a special occasion, give me a three week advance notice and I will try to get it to you a week before. Owl me with what you want it to be about, give me any specifics, and I will be happy to help! If you want to use one that is already existing, same thing: owl me and we can figure everything out. To listen to these, just click on the link, and it will take you to the song.


Fun fact: I wrote this one because I needed the reminder that I didn't have to put on a mask (well, you know what kind of mask I mean lol).


Fun fact: I wrote this while trying to break the habit of picking the dead skin off my hands, which left my hands raw and red. I wanted to wake up and my hands be physically healed. I am pleased to say that I have officially crossed one year of the habit being broken!

To Make You Proud:

Fun fact: I wrote this one while writing the synopsis of The Twists In My Trail. It came to me while I was thinking about how Harriet would feel. It turned into not only a song for her family, but my grandparents and friends, as well.

I'll Keep Dancing:

Fun fact: I wrote this after moving from Chicago to Colorado, when one day I opened my eyes and realized what an amazing life I had, despite the rough patches.

Like the Sun Missing the Moon:

Fun fact: I wrote this for my irl best friend, Sarah, after finding out I was moving. Our friendship has grown so much despite the distance!

Beautiful Princess:

Fun fact: I wrote this for my littlest sister after she asked me to write a song about a princess.


Fun fact: I was going to perform this for my friends before I moved, but I didn't get the chance.


Fun fact: I wrote this for a friend. The chorus originally was comparing me to her (I was the tiny draft and the tiger's prey while she was the amazing tiger), but I changed it to make it more positive.

Moving On:

Fun fact: This one's for the haters. I'm done letting them take control of my life.

Night Is Young/ Better Together Mashup:

Fun fact: I mashed these two songs from Descendants together after realizing they went perfect together!

If Only Cover:

Just Friends Cover:

My Love Has Gone Across the Sea Cover:

A Thousand Years Cover:

Winter Snow Cover:

You're Not Finished Yet Cover:

Blessings Cover:

Born to be Brave Cover:

More coming soon!

Please do not use these without talking to me, and even then, only if I give permission.

"I've realized that while life isn't perfect, it is pretty darn good."

"When things get hard, I remember how both cars stopped before they could take the life of my little sister."

"The best thing about acting is that the characters stay a part of you for the rest of your life."

"Tame me with extra sharp white cheddar, a grilled hotdog or two, and tiramisu."

"Christmas just makes me feel… home."

"Don't lose Hope- he needs you!"

"It amazes me how fiercely you can love somebody you've never met face to face."

"I have no regrets on sharing my faith."

"It's my time to change the world- and man, am I ready!"

"No matter how many stories I act in, fairytales will always be my favorite."

"The way to my heart is through a pair of earrings; the bigger, the better."

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