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Hey !! I'm Zoe Underwood . If you ever need to talk or roleplay , then owl me or post on my wall !

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<font face=cursive><font color=black>HOUSE :

Vine wood
Dragon heartstring core
12 inches


Reading and writing books

Defense Against the Dark Arts

<font face="pacifio"><font color=blue>Hi there ! I'm Zoe . I'm a muggle-born witch . I love learning magic , it's so awesome and interesting . When I first got my letter , I was so shocked . I love Hogwarts and the friends I made here .

<font color=purple>My favourite characters are Luna ,and Tonks. They are AMAZING and deserve more recognition .

<font color=pink>There are other characters who deserved recognition too . Especially Hagrid . He was there for Harry no matter what . He loved him not only because he was the chosen one . He was like his father . He always cared for him .

<font color=blue>Apart from the HP books , I also love Percy Jackson. My favourite characters are Grover and Zoe . I also love Nancy Drew Diaries and Goosebumps and The Little Princess .

<font color=green>I love animals a lot . I also love music . My favourite singers are Selena Gomez , Taylor Swift , Hailee Steinfeld and Sabrina Carpenter . Selena is my life. She has inspired me so much. She's kind and extremely talented. If you haven't listened to her or the other artist's songs, I highly suggest you do. They're AMAZING.

<font color=pink>I also love Disney. Moana, Frozen, I've watched so many. My favourite live remakes are Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

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<font color=red>Harry Potter is such a huge part of my life . I loved the characters , literally everything . Luna taught me to be myself . Dobby taught me to be independent and selfless . Hedwig taught me to to be loyal . Neville taught me to believe in myself . Tonks taught me to love others based on their personality and nothing else .

<font color=purple>Dumbledore taught me SO many things . His quotes were so powerful and inspiring . I could write an entire book about how awesome they are .

<font color=green>Severus Snape , though not one of my favourite character , taught me a lot too . His love for Lily was huge , but his love for the dark arts ruined his life .

<font color=blue>I'm quiet , friendly , smart and extremely loyal . I LOVE my family . They are my world and I will do anything for them . My fatal flaw is definitely holding grudges . I can be extremely talkative and extremely silent . I'm not someone who'll be quiet and not voice her opinions . I'll stand up for what I believe in . I don't care what other people think of me . I know I'm weird and I'm proud of it .

<font color =red> I absolutely hate it when people discriminate against others based on their race , sexuality or gender. All of us are equal. The only thing that matters when you judge someone is their personality and nothing else.

<font color=black>So yeah, that's me and that's who I will be . Never changing for anyone.
Also , I have something important to say : You'll be happier when you stop comparing yourself to others. So don't compare yourself to others. You're amazing in your own way.

<font color=brown>My OC's : (still working on them)

<font color=green>Name: Sarah
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Tall, large green eyes, straight black hair
Personality: SO kind, extremely smart, quiet
Likes: Reading and telling stories, pretending things
Dislikes: Rude people
P.S. This is a book character

png blue image

<font color=pink>Name: Vivian
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Short, dirty blonde hair, light brown eyes
Personality: Clumsy, friendly, loyal
Likes: Sports and coffee
Dislikes: Backstabbers

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<font color=blue>Name: Katy
Sexuality: Lesbian
Appearance: Average height, short brown hair, extremely attractive
Personality: Friendly, mean at times, logical, secretly a hopeless romantic
Likes: Love stories, books, outdoors
Dislikes: Impractical and impulsive people

<font color=purple>My best friends, who I'll love forever:
Emma Lloyd Watson=
An angel who's worth millions
Martha Granger=
My sister who deserves love and nothing else
Hazel Anderson=
A princess that spreads love and positivity everywhere she goes.

<font color=black>Signing off , Zoe Underwood

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