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I am Violet Baudelaire I am 16 and have two siblings and a 1 year old Beatrice.

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Hi I'm Violet Baudelaire and these are my siblings Klaus and Sunny. I'm the first one to have a account. You can say me and my siblings been through a lot from Count Olaf's house where Count Olaf slapped Klaus across the face put Sunny on the table put Sunny in a cage and tried to marry me. Then me and my siblings were moved to uncle Monty's house uncle Monty was a nice guardian he figured out Sunny loves marshmallows but then Count Olaf came to the door with his ridiculous disguise and we tried to close the door on him but couldn't so we ran into the reptile room but then Count Olaf tried to trick uncle Monty didn't know it was Count Olaf at first but he still knew Count Olaf was a villain but then that night uncle Monty was killed by Count Olaf. Then we went to live with aunt Josephine she was scared of everything so she pretended to kill herself and went to cernel cave where me and my siblings found her she wouldn't leave the cave at first then Klaus said Cernel cave is for sale and aunt Josephine said so what? Klaus said Well that just means in a while certain people might want to come look at it and some of those people might be realastate agency's so then aunt Josephine went on the boat with us we were in the middle of the sea when the leeches started attacking our boat then Count Olaf came with a even bigger boat me Sunny Klaus and aunt Josephine climbed in and saw him he threw aunt Josephine to the leeches then brought us back to shore me and my siblings escaped by getting in a truck but then the truck stopped and threw us off we walked to Lucky smells lumbermill the boss Sir was mean and made its work there Klaus ended up getting hypnosis and caused fatal accidents but Dr. Orwell ended up dying and I caught Sunny who Dr. Orwell was about to throw in the fire. Then Mr. Poe found us and took me and my siblings to a boarding school the mean girl said out of my way cakesniffer we went to Vice Principal Nero's office he told me and Klaus we will be in a classroom and Sunny was gonna be a Administrative assistant the first time went to lunch we started getting teased by the whole school except for two triplets calling us cakesniffing orphans in the orphan shack until the boy triplet invited us over the two triplets told us their names Klaus asked are you two twins? The triplets looked down Duncan said no we're triplets. Klaus said but there's only two of you Isadora said our parents died in a terrible fire along with our brother Quigley Klaus said our parents died in a fire as well. When we were done eating we went to the orphan shack I put up lights which scared the crabs and covered up the green fungus then Count Olaf came as a Gym teacher and he started s o r e which is special orphans running exercises me and my siblings ended up getting expelled. Next we went to live with the Squalor's Esme ended up being Olaf's girlfriend and pushed me and my siblings down a elevator shaft and then we got out and went to where Esme was then everyone figured out Gunther's true identity. Then we went to live with the Village of Fowl Devotees and ended getting jailed but we broke out and saved the Quagmire's then they went into the air with Hector and me and my siblings escaped on land because Sunny drove the fire truck out of there. Then me and my siblings went to the last chance general store we sent a telegram to Mr. Poe but he didn't answer back the store owner ended up figuring out we were framed for murder and I called we're not murders one of the store people said the newspaper says you are and it never lyes then I called we're not though me and my siblings ended up getting out of there with the help of the V F D van we reached Heimlich hospital Babs didn't like us but she let us work in the library of records and there was a Snicket file that night we broke into the library of records but I gave it to Klaus after we figured out there maybe a survivor of the fire but Esme interrupted Klaus and Sunny ended up escaping down a tube that led to the vents of Heimlich hospital I almost got my head cut off but Klaus woke me up and me and my siblings escaped by jumping into Olaf's trunck. We went to Caligari carnival and disguised ourselves as freaks me and Klaus were a two headed freak and Sunny was Chabo the wolf baby me and Klaus tried to eat corn but couldn't then they tried to give Sunny corn and Sunny ate the whole all the corn and threw the cob on the floor me and Klaus ended up burning down the carnival and going with Count Olaf and falling down a hill. Then we figured out Quigley was the survivor of the Quagmire fire turns out his mother showed him a secret tunnel where he was shoved down and he left as soon as he knew she wasn't coming back his siblings were sent to school now Quigley was the map reader of the family and Quigley said he could help save Sunny so I invented a way up the water fall and me and Quigley climbed it and saw Sunny then she said she wasn't a baby the hook handed man let her go before she was thrown off the cliff and me Klaus and Sunny escaped once more. We meet Fiona Widdershins and her step father we also got to see Phil again from Lucky Smells we ended up looking for the sugar bowl and didn't find it Count Olaf found it and we told him we didn't find it Sunny ended up getting poisoned but the hook handed man let us go and me and my siblings saved Sunny with Fiona's help and then Fiona helped us escape. Then we went to the hotel Denouement where we meet Dewy who ended up being Kit's baby daddy me and my siblings told our story we ended up leaving the hotel with Count Olaf who ended up burning down the hotel we left. While at sea we got sent by a storm to a coastal shelf Kit Snicket washed up on the coastal shelf we stayed with her then Ishmael shot the harpoon into Olaf's stomach then because of that the medusoid Myselium was released everybody left except me and my siblings Olaf and Kit me and my siblings jagged to our parents old home we figured out the apple's on the island diluted the Myselium's poison so we ate that and told Kit to take a bit she said no I can't it will harm the baby we got Count Olaf up when we said Kit needs help he helped her onto the sand and she pointed out Count Olaf hurts people but Olaf pointed out people hurt him too then Kit said the night has a thousand eyes at the day but one but the night of the bright world dies with the dying sun the night has a thousand eyes but the day but one but the light of a whole light dies when love is done then Olaf said I can resite poems too man hands on misery to man it depends like the coastal shelf get out as early as you can then Olaf turned to me and my siblings and said and don't have any kids yourself then Kit ended up having her baby in a tent and named her Beatrice and told us she always wanted to be a good a mother as our mother was I said you will be Kit said its too late the apple isn't working my baby will be a orphan just promise me something Baudelaires promise me she will never be alone she gave Klaus the baby and died then we burried Kit and Olaf next to each other
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