I'm Noelle! I love Herbology and Care for Magical Creatures and I want to be a healer! I also love writing I have books in the library! Owl me please!

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Okay, ever since I've been on this site I've been persistently sticking to a plain wall, but recently I've decided to change it a bit! Not too much though, I'll keep the plaintext the same, because I... don't really like being flashy to be honest.

<summary>About me</summary>
Oh, you want to know about me? My name is Noelle and I'm a Slytherin first-year. The picture below is of me and Crin, my black cat. I love writing and nature and my ambitions so far are Healer and Magizoologist. For now, I work on my lessons at Hogwarts, hang out with my friends and play Quidditch as the Slytherin Chaser on the Quidditch Pitch. You're welcome to be my friend if you want, or check out my books, or send me an owl to talk.

Credits to Hapuriainen


I'm a typical Hogwarts student! My family are purely purebloods and they hate muggle-borns. They shunt Muggles all the time, and a few times my uncles and aunts have been caught harassing and injuring Muggles. My third-year cousins take after them and I have to put up with them while at Hogwarts all the time.
Despite my family issues, I'm still relatively cheerful. It wouldn't have been so without my friends, and I'm grateful for them! Nowadays, I have fun with my friends and adventure through my year at Hogwarts. I hate my past, but it's all behind me. It's like finding your own wings and soaring off into the clear blue sky. I'm a bit of a nerd, and a bit introverted, but there are people who I open up to. Despite being kind of busy, I do my courses. I have no troubles... right? Or maybe something 's coming my way?
(Feel free to click on the something, it's my frequently updating story about my OWN character. Yep, I've decided to give Noelle a bit more backstory like the other characters I usually create)

- the colour green and blue

- peace and tranquility

- Nature

- reading and writing stories

- Herbology

- Sugar Quills

- Thunderbirds

- roaming around in the library

- Quidditch, always wanted to be a Chaser

- making friends

<summary>Creature Companions</summary>
Just feels so wrong to liken them to pets... Anyway, here are my non-human companions so far!


Crin is a wonderful friend. He listens to my thoughts all the time, provided I give him enough belly rubs while delivering my commentary. Like your average cat, he is SUUUPER lazy and arrogant, but when it comes to night... oh boy. This is why I invest his nocturnal energy in delivering letters. Yes, you heard right. Delivering letters. As I don't have an owl, (my parents didn't want me contacting friends while they were not watching) Crin is my go-to. All I have to do is feed him some fresh fish and a bowl of milk, pat his head until he purrs and watch him soundlessly leap out of the window (or exit the dormitory if I'm at Hogwarts). Midnight hyperactivity -- gone. Messaging friends problem -- solved. Case -- closed. Hotel -- trivago.


Tiny is a plump little Jobberknoll. They are a bit hard to take care of, seeing as they stay silent all the time, but that's all right. Mostly they cause no problem and I take careful care (:P) of them. Tiny was a gift to me from Dora after I took her W.A.M.P.U.S C.A.T adoption quiz and adopted them, and now I couldn't possibly give up on them!

That's it, but I wish I had Felipe like Amber did/does.


<summary>Books I've written</summary>
- My Tender Thunderbird (Incomplete Series)

Half adventurer. Half normal student. Full secret-hider. Amber doesn't want anyone to know about her Thunderbird Felipe and her little adventures, but her best friend Penelope is smart enough to crack her plot! When even her bully Myra starts to get suspicious, Amber knows that it's time for her to take the twist - or kind and caring Felipe may take the chop.

- Ten types of people in roleplay

When you roleplay, it's great to have a mask to hide behind and create a fake personality. What types of people are there in roleplay? Read to find out! (This is not a serious book and I usually only post stories but I decided to have some fun)

- Twelve types of authors in the library

You know books often appear in the library? They come from somewhere. The heart and souls of authors. Today, we will be doing a sequel to the "Ten types of people in roleplay" book! Lots and lots of different authors, some 10 types mentioned in this book. Have fun reading about different authors, which is curious granted my book should be in one of the types too.

- A Morpher's Hidden Heart (very incomplete)

Born a Metamorphmagus, Alex is a confused third-year who just doesn't know how to fit in. As he was a gender-fluid, Professor McGonagall arranged for him to just sleep in the common rooms, which he was fine with. Unfortunately, that made him stand out even more. He thought changing his appearance would help, but appearing as a girl did not work either. No matter what she looked like, no one accepted her. She grew cold and unsympathetic. Unknown to Alex, it wasn't her looks that really mattered, it was her heart...

More coming soon, I have a lot of unshared books!


Here are some of my amazing friends! I'm sorry if I forget to list you, please tell me as soon as you can!

DORA SCAMANDER: Uno reverse card Dora! Dora and I almost always bump into each other, sometime in the library, sometimes on the Quidditch Pitch, and quite a few other times in interesting roleplay groups. She is always kind to everyone and never hesitates to talk to her friends, she writes amazing stories that I can easily get wrapped up in and she is very supportive when it comes to my stories! She's a good writer, AND a fellow nature lover, AND the deputy of the Gryffindor quidditch team! (From Lizzie Scamander's Quidditch Pitch group) So all in all, she's *imitates Ron* BLOODY brilliant.

LIZZIE SCAMANDER: Sister to Dora Scamander, she is just as cool a friend. I've had a lot of fun roleplaying with her (even though I've only roleplayed with her in one group so far) and talking to her about books, nature and other stuff. Also, she's the creator of the Quidditch Pitch as I've mentioned, and players have to answer trivia questions quickly and roleplay in certain in-between segments to attempt to score, catch the Snitch and let their team win. It's a nice set-up, and I'd recommend you join it: The Quidditch Pitch


<summary>My old attempts at a normal backstory</summary>
<summary>Entry 1 (When I first came to Hogwarts)</summary>
I am a Slytherin first-year. My family are typical Slytherins but I'm not like them. My ambition is to be a Healer and I read up in the library a lot. Many people from many houses bully me because of many reasons: I like Sugar Quills best, I like Herbology and Magizoology... Many reasons. I do not know why I was sorted into Slytherin if I do not like it here. I have to keep my blanket over my head and practice spells at the dead of the night because everyone else would laugh at me practising.
I love nature: plants and animals; and books: reading and writing. I love creating character backstories, though I myself have a pretty uneventful life. Please be my friend if you want to.
Wand: Phoenix feather, oak, 8 inches, stiff (old wand)
Fav spell: Episkey
Fav subject: Herbology
Ambition: Healer
House: Slytherin
Fav animal: Thunderbird
Companion: Crin the Black Cat, but has other creature friends that may differ in the roleplay
Patronus: A small fox
Fun Fact: Likes reading and writing, you're welcome to my books and criticise them if you like but NEVER EVER DAMAGE MY BOOK OR I WILL FIND YOU A NICE LITTLE ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL WING
<summary>Entry 2 (After I made some friends)</summary>
I've made quite a few friends. Some from other houses, and some from Slytherin who are surprisingly nicer than I expected. I've also been introduced and exposed to so many interesting new subjects, and I think I'd quite like to be a Magizoologist too, after meeting several other animal lovers like Dora Scamander, who also wants to be a Magizoologist.
Of course, Herbology is still my favourite subject. I think I might have a new ambition... Being a Healer for animals! Only time will tell. In the meantime, I'm still the same old me. I adore Sugar Quills, they're just so underrated; I enjoy being in nature, where I feel myself again; I still spend my days writing stories in the Slytherin dormitory under my blanket. I do my courses, I work on assignments, and I try my best on quizzes in class.
I found a way to appease my family! I stay at Hogwarts during Christmas break and during Summers, I tell them I'm meeting up with a pureblood friend and sneak off. Sometimes my cousins try to tail me, but... Well, let's say I do a pretty good Stickfast hex now. Most of the time I mess up and make my cousins stick entirely to the pavement, but they always get out eventually.
What I'm doing lately: Chatting with friends, playing Quidditch on the Quidditch Pitch, writing My Tender Thunderbird and other books, growing my silverweed and attending Hogwarts

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