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Name:Kayla Mercury
Sexuality: Straight
Wand:Pine wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and hard flexibility
Patronus: Tiger
Blood Status: Mother is a Veela and Dad is an Auror
Likes:Running and Vegan
Dislikes:Bullies and Dairy Products
House: Ravenclaw
Looks: medium length curly hair with hazel eyes and a
bright smile with perfectly straight teeth. Can usually be
seen in a t-shirt and either sport shorts or sweatpants at
home, sports bra and sport shorts and sport practices,
and skinny jeans or short shorts with a t-shirt at school
Best Qualities:Tries to be friendly to everyone she meets.

Name: Madeline Granger
Sexuality: Straight
Wand:Acacia wood with Unicorn hair core, 11 inches, and very flexible
Patronus: Snowy Owl
Blood status: Half-Blood
Likes:Music, Reading, and band
Dislikes:Sports and going outside
House: Ravenclaw
Looks: Wavy strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, lots of
freckles, can usually always be seen in a sweatshirt and
sweatpants or skinny jeans
Best Qualities:She is your go-to girl for notes for that test
you didn't study for that is in 23 minutes.
Pets:A niffler named Brailey and a phoenix named Fauler
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