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Hiya! I’m looking to roleplay and make friends if anyone’s interested; I have my roleplays listed down below! :)

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Hiya! I'm Dawn, I'm a first year Gryffindor. 

Before I came to Hogwarts, I had always wanted to be in Slytherin. I mean, I was sure I would be, because my dad and my elder brother were both in Slytherin. My mother went to Beauxbatons, but I’m sure that she would’ve been to. We made Slytherin a really big thing in my house, because when my dad was younger, he got sorted into Slytherin while his whole family was in Gryffindor. He didn’t want us to feel the same isolation and indifference he felt, and so put Slytherin House on a pedestal. But, unfortunately for me, I didn’t get into Slytherin. I’m in Gryffindor. And it sucks.

I'm an aspiring animagus and Quidditch player, but unfortunately I'm not quite old enough yet. I try hard in all my lessons and enjoy doing the occasional piece of extra research in the library. I love spending time with my friends and getting to know people. I am also a twin!! While she's popular, however, I'm a bit of an outcast.

My mother is an alchemist and my father is an auror. I have a very large family, due to my grandfather being one of 7. 


Here's a fact file about me:

Name: Dawn Nyx Potter

Nickname: Mercury

Birthday: 23rd November

Star sign: Sagittarius 


Year: First year

House: Gryffindor

Wand: Larch wood with phoenix feather core, 13 inches

Patronus: (not yet known)

Mirror of Erised: (unknown)

Boggart: (not yet known)

Animagus: (not yet known)

Hair: Black, wavy and elbow length (if that makes sense)

Eye colour: Pure blue

Height: 5"2

Personality: Excitable, determined, loyal, nerdy??

Parents: Albus Potter (Gryffindor) & Adelena (née Malfoy) Potter (Ombrelune) (I hope I've used the word née right)

Sibling: Ryan (Slytherin 2nd year), Sarah (Gryffindor 1st year + my twin) & Franchesca (she's 9)

Pets: Arwen (owl)

Friends: Lyn Lupin (Slytherin), Valentina Flores (Slytherin), Jax Kofi (Gryffindor), Diego  Leon (Gryffindor), Logan Wood (Gryffindor)

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite lessons: Astronomy & DADA

Favourite non-magical creature: Fox

Favourite magical creatures (because who can pick one): Dragons, hippogriffs, thestrals and phoenixes

Hobbies and pastimes: Reading (the Hogwarts library is fantastic), watching the stars at night, learning new spells, spending time with friends


My roleplays:


My kingdom is the most famous of all that surround it, known for its connection to nature and for the rumoured powers that the rulers hold over it. But it's a lot of pressure being the eldest child of a king when your mother was killed in battle three years ago. Expectations are high, duties are plentiful. I intend to take my role seriously, and one day, I will live up to my mother's name. I wish I was as wild and carefree as her, but it's hard to compare to the greatest warrior Elisora has ever seen when apart from our love of nature, I am nothing like her.

Name and title: Princess Adella Laughton

Kingdom: Elisora

Age: 17

Appearance: Waist-length chocolate brown hair, 5"7, bright blue eyes

Personality: Serious, observant, smart, powerful

Parents: King Benedict and Queen Eloise (deceased)

Siblings: Kenji (15), Apolline (12), Lumen & Akira (9) and Tiago (4)


As you can imagine, my dad doesn't have much time for me. You know, doing super hero things and all that. I live at the Avengers tower with Pepper, who isn't technically my mother because her and Tony aren't married but they're clearly very in love so it counts. Speaking of in love, you ever heard of Peter Parker? Because I'm in love with him, but all he sees is MJ. I'm just his best friend, his sister-figure. It's tough, but I cope. If you need me, I'll be with Ollie working on gadgets in Dad's workshop.

Name: Raven Stark

Age: 17

Appearance: Short fluffy black hair, one green eye, one blue eye, 5"5

Personality: Determined, brave, stubborn, introverted but chatty

Parents: Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (but I am adopted)

Siblings: None

Pets: Australian shepherd called Ollie

Harry Potter (...2) :

I got expelled from Ilvermony, and then Beauxbatons. They pass me around the school system like I'm a quaffle. I suppose it's difficult trying to control a child who doesn't listen to anyone, with the whole 'no parents' thing. But I just don't care. Being a metamorphagus, it's easy to cause trouble, and so I'll take that opportunity like a responsibility. Now that I'm in Hogwarts, they've got a closer eye on me, though. I don't like it, and I intend to show them just what I can do.

Name: Fallon Tempest

Age: 16

House: Gryffindor

Year: 5th year

Appearance: Dark emerald green hair, hazel eyes, 5"4

Personality: Troublemaker, snarky, secretive, intimidating

Parents: Deceased

Siblings: ?

Stranger things:

I don't know what's been going on with Robin lately. She tells me about this girl, Vicky, that she's been crushing on, and so I know she's got all that happening, but there's something else. Then Hawkins basically turned upside down and now she's more mysterious than ever. I wish she would tell me what's going on, because quite frankly, I think she owes me an explanation. We used to be inseparable, but now it's like she's hiding things from me. At least Steve is around a lot at the moment; I don't mind seeing more of him.

Name: Evelyn Buckley

Age: 17

Appearance: Brown hair with white underneath, blue eyes, 5"4

Personality: Bubbly, optimistic, trustworthy, friendly 

Parents: Richard Buckley and Melissa Buckley

Siblings: Robin (18)

Percy Jackson:

I never went to Camp Halfblood. That's because I've been living in Olympus. Yeah, it's pretty great. I've learnt the ways of my various half siblings, and have been trained to the best of my ability. My father, Zeus, says he kept me in Olympus to protect me from various prophecies that have been going around. But I can't stay in Olympus forever. It's about time I joined the mortal world.

Name: Jamie Quinn

Age: 17

Appearance: Mid-length black hair with curtain bangs and light blue underneath, blue eyes, 5"5

Personality: Independent, dangerous, intimidating, sarcastic

Parents: Zeus and Georgina Quinn

Siblings: Thalia Grace (half sister, 15), Jason Grace (half brother, deceased), Apollo (half brother), Ares (half brother), Dionysus (half brother), Hermes (half brother), Perseus (half brother), Heracles (half brother), Artemis (half sister), Athena (half sister), Persephone (half sister), Aphrodite (half sister)


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