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Student at Hogwarts ✨ I love socializing lmao, I also don’t speak English very well so sorry if theres any grammar/spelling mistakes! Thanks <3 love you all ❤️

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     Hi, I'm Oliver Rownam, I come from a Pureblooded wealthy family. When I received my Hogwarts letter, I wasn't very surprised since both my parents went there but it did catch me by concern since it arrived earlier then when my parents said it would, I guess my parents got confused..well, the first thing I did once I got my letter was writing a letter to my parents about my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Since my parents are away traveling, they're barely home, meaning I had the mansion to myself..well..to myself and the three house elves. Once I recieved a letter back from my parents saying they will come home as soon as possible to take me shopping for all my school materials that were listed on the letter, I set off into the Muggle world. I like to visit there from time to time and just walk among these people and see how their world functions without any magic. After a three days, my parents arrived home and we went to Diagon Ally to get my school materials.


Stuff about me: (like actually lmao)

-My dad was a Ravenclaw and my mom was a Slytherin, so don't give me stuff insulting their houses, I will go off on you

-I'm friendly with new people so don't be scared to start a convo <3

-I'm open to vents, but be warned I might give my opinion on the situation so if you don't want my view, tell me beforehand 

-Yes, I'm a pureblood but me nor my family insult the other blood types as we all got accepted into Hogwarts for a reason

-I find muggles..interesting 

-My respondces might come a bit late (by a bit late i'm saying I might answer a entire day later)

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