Stephanie Smith

third year student

Hi, I'm Stephanie im a 3rd year Ravenclaw student, I am the head tutor for *Ace That Class tutor group* a head keeper of *M.O.M Adoption Sanctuary.*

  • Joined September 2014
  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • 3rd Year
  • Canada


I'm a muggleborn with a muggle disability called autism my disability doesn't effect me alot I love art and music I was bullied at muggle school and was always in trouble because of weird thing happening to though who mess with me. On my 11th birthday it was snowing softly in the morning, I sat at dinning table my parents got me a art. Kit with good pencils and erasers they both had to work they were with a big building company. I Sat alone in the house drawing with my new pencils when I heard a noise I look at the window and saw a letter against the window I got up and open the window looking around wondering how it got here I Sat down and look at the envelope there was a wax seal with what look like lion,snake, a bear like animal and a bird. I flip it over it had my name on it with where I lived I slowly open it there was 3 prices of paper I look at the first page and red it out loud, idk how many times I read it before screaming I quickly called my parents scared they told me it was just a prank letter and just throw it out. I look at the other two pages it had a ticket and a list of school items I read though some not hearing any kind of book. I throw them out and ignore it. after two days I forgot about it. (week later) I was on the way home from school and I though was a seagull flew by it drop a letter from above I look around and grab it. I flip it over to see it was the same letter as before with the seal. I ran home and showed it to my parents they didn't know what to think there was a number on the bottom saying call if any questions. my dad called right away. spending hour on the phone when he was done he told me to go to my room and he'll come talk to me in a second. my mom look at him and they walk to the back of kitchen so I cant hear them. I walk to my room and waited for my parents twirling my trumbs after a hour I hear someone come up the stairs I stand up my door opened with a knock. It wasn't my mom or dad but a short women with long hair up in a bun she interduce herself as madam plum.
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