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I'm Luna Stars! Writer for The Quibbler Ravenclaw author book addict!

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Hi I'm Luna Stars! I work for the Quibbler and has collabarated on First Years: Bitter Arguements a book that came out recently. I suppose some people came to wall stalk. Well, I suppose I could give some information.

Name: Luna Stars

Nicknames Starry

House: Ravenclaw

Status: Pureblood (But I can't say I'm honoured to be one)

Wand: Rowan Dragon Heartstring 12 inches Swishy.

Friends. Andromeda Riddle - One of my best friends on HiH and I really enjoy roleplaying with you!

Narcissa Malfoy the 2- One of my first friends on HiH and one of my best! She writes the best poems!

Morgan Malfoy-Lestrange - Fantastic writer and my first ever friend on HiH.

Katniss Lostheart- Great friend! Thanks for everything!!

Aphelion Silvilus- One of my most supportive friends! Thanks!!!

Esmeralda Licorice- A great friend who always very responsible and friendly

Emmeline Shacklebolt -  A clever friend who has the best ideas!

Sophia Black- A friend who's always kind and helpful!

Sarah Potter- Another great friend thanks a lot!!

Jui Weasley- My newest friend very kind and fun and a great roleplayer

OCs Myself, Nia, Nadia

Family Luna Lovegood. Mr Lovegood Mr And Mrs Malfoy. The Blacks. Nymphadora Tonks The Lestranges Narcissa Slytherin


I'm cousin of Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy therefore leaving me pureblood. Not like I care of course just information. I started HiH by just doing Lessons then leaving. Then Hogwarts Daily News gave me inspiration to create my first ever magazine. Wizarding World: The news. This newspaper went on for a while and was a success. Then Wizarding World: The news merged with The Dark Times creating the Quibbler. Throughout my time at HiH I have earnt good grades found new friends ad written lots of stories. I love a good role-play and any is welcome to ask for one! Also on the 19th of August at 7:00 pm (English time) me and my friends are holding a GOLDEN GALA!! I'm running a Hp Short story competition which books will be showcased at the Gala! I'd be delighted if some came! Oh another addition! I have wrote 2 books with a Hih friend Andromeda Riddle Called first Years bitter enemies and second years The girl of mystery and we are working on the 3rd book!

Thanks and Good day/Evening

Luna Stars


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