Andromeda Riddle

A Pure-blood Slytherin

My only true friends can be Dementors. I have true Darkness on my side. I will not be silenced, I'll carry on fighting my war - and win.

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May I make it clear, I AM A SLYTHERIN. (My computer was faulty when I was registrating)

My name is Andromeda Riddle. I am related to the Dark Lord, and I shall follow his footsteps. He had a group of his dedicated friends, I wish to lord over them as well. I have power and am a popular student in our year, and let me tell you, I have dangerous, pure-blood relatives. I myself, am a Pure-blood, no matter what others say. Firstly, My father is Voldemort, (The Dark Lord) and my mother is Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix is related to the Blacks, Malfoys and Lestranges and they all are pure. Meanwhile, Lestrange is Rodolphus and Rabastan, and they were pure as well in blood. Let's purge the world from muggles, though in my eyes, I see all Muggles and Wizards alike should kneel to me, The Slytherin Princess as you may say. I was called at my Younger school Serpent Girl, and other of these terrifying names that truth be told, don't matter to me. I think that muggle-borns should not be hurt but they have to prey to me, and they shall not be spared. They have no fault of being muggle-borns so I say that they may join Death Eaters, and act their true role.

Try to betray me, your death is near.

Try to betray me, you will be more than hurt.

Do not betray me, The Slytherin Riddle, and we shall be friends.

My Books on HIH:

- Hogwarts: A History

- Sisters of the Dead

- First Years: Bitter Arguments


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