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Welcome to My lovely Page. I'm Apollo Hail Potter-Malfoy!


Song quote that Describes Me!

Don't blame me, love made me crazy If it doesn't, you ain't doin' it right

Lord, save me, my drug is my baby I'll be usin' for the rest of my life.”




About Me!

Hello I’m Apollo, Hail Potter-Malfoy and I’m the son of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter and I was Born July 23rd  [That’s All your GETTING!] which makes me a Leo which I find Ironically for my House since I’m in GRYFFINDOR! My Hobbies and Likes and Dislikes will be Listed Below as well as my Rules and Rp too!!



❤ Reading 

❤ Listening To Music

❤ Playing Video Games

❤Watching Movies/Tv Show’s 

❤Writing Small Book Chapters [I get Inspiration from listening to music and then I start to write, based on the song!]

❤Playing Call of Duty [On Ps4!]

Likes and Dislikes!


❤ My dog that I have! 

❤ Butterflies

❤ Foxes, Dragons, Unicorns, Rabbits, Fae’s [Pretty much any Magical Creature or Non Magical

❤ Chocolates, Liquorice Wands, Butterbeer, Sugar Plums [Anything Sweet or Savory!]


❤ Spiders and anytype of bug’s [Except for Butterflies there Pretty!]

❤ Anything Sour or Spicy!

❤ Loud Noises or Tight Spaces

More About Me!

❤ Patronus: None [Not until 6th or 7th year which is a Wolf]

❤ Boggart: Losing anyone close to me as I value everyone [But mostly my Fathers]

❤ Mirror of Erised: Being taught magic and other Muggle things by my parents while having Peace

❤ Love Potion: Chocolate, Roses, Honey, Apples, Ink/Paper, and Potions

❤ Year 4th or 5th  [Only for Rp Use!]



Rp Muggle and Fandom!



Student x Teacher [I can Do Student or Teacher]

Friends to Lovers

Enemies to Lovers

Criminal x Cop

Quiet Girl or Boy x Popular Boy or Girl

Next Door Neighbor[Adult Male or Female] x Daughter or Son

Forbidden Type [Mother x Son Father x Daughter or Uncle x Niece or Aunt x Son]

Yandere Stalker x Innocent One



First Kill

Harry Potter

Chronicles of Narnia

You Don’t Know Me

Stranger Things

Fast and Furious

Until Dawn [Horror Video Game]


Walking Dead





Please Do follow them if you can of course!!!!!

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  • Please Don’t start an Rp with me if you just plan to quit later on or decide to not respond please! If you don’t like it let me know and we can change it!

  • Please Do Inform me if you need to hop offline or plan to be gone for more than a longer period of time as I don’t check the site often due to me being busy during the day!

  • Please help with the PLOT! It’s not a one sided person who has to make all the decisions and also help with everything don’t just let me do it as it will get pretty boring pretty quickly!

  • Please DO write at least more than one sentence so I can go off of what you wrote as I do find it very frustrating whenever someone doesn’t as I can’t tell what you're thinking as I have to wait for the reply from ya!


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