Ariana Snape

No pressure, no diamonds.

"Some ideas, like what you're going to do with your life, take time to form." ~ Cate Blanchett

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Name: Ariana Snape

Family: Dad: Severus Snape

            Mom: Lily Evans

Appearance: waist long blond hair, emerald green eyes

Wand: Rosewood, phoenix feather core,11 inches, hard flexibility, good for advanced and powerful magic

Bloodstatus: Half-blood

Patronus&Animagus: Wolf

What I like: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Writing, Hunger Games and much more...

Friends: Sophia Black, Bellatrix Amber Evans, Clarissa Marie Evans, Lissy, Scarlett Moon, Maddison Black, Caitlin Narcissa Malfoy, Lizzie Scamander, Aaliya Stallone, Beezer Vablatsky, Julia Delacour, Hermione Black, An odd Arangement, Lily Black, Marek Rose, Irene Scamander, Lily, Katherine Prewett, Iris Ingram, Cassandra Scamander, Isandora Scamander, Maria-Camila Ravenclaw, Evelyn Quinn, Josie, Nymira Blackwater, Lizzy Rose Li, Morgan Malfoy-Lestrange, Maeve Adler, Invisible, Elesarh, Ava Lilliana Snape, Ilene Levesque, Jess Mundungus, Luna Malfoy Lestrange, Skylar&Co, Delphini Silver Lestrange, Stephanie Smith, Narcissa Slytherin, Scarlet Rose, Alyx Stephenson-Reaping, Kayley Emma Potter ( and many more) (ps. check out their profiles too)

FC: Cate Blanchett

Ariana Snape was born in Godrics Hollow. Her mother died after the birth of her sister and her.They grew up in Godrics Hollow and to her dad´s surprise when the twins turned 8 her sister Eliana Snape can heal wounds with only touching the wound, could speak all the languages fluently, move things without touching themand could easily remember everything she reads. Ariana could read minds, manipulate mind, transform her appearence on will( metamorphmagus), control the fire, water, earth and ice and can transform itself into a mermaid underwater. As they reached the age 11 her sister got the letter from Beaxbatons and Ariana got the letter from Hogwarts. In Hogwarts she was sorted in the House Gryffindor and found many friends.

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