Alejándro Fernandez

ur mum’s side piece

i don’t really know what to say here.

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Idk why you should have to know everything about me but I'll tell you anyways ig

blood status: pure-blood

house: slytherin (clearly)

sexuality: you expect me to know?

current classes: herbology

patronus: doe

I like playing electric guitar, reading, listening to music, and my cat Brísa.


Rp rules:

  • Don't send one line replies. It's hard to reply to.

  • Don't make me write in all the drama pls, it'll get really boring.

  • Don't be homophobic, racist, sexist or just rude and offensive in general because i'll just block you.

  • Don't spam me if I don't reply quickly. I'm probably busy.

  • I don't have any triggers but pls let me know if you do BEFORE we start any rp because I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Roleplays I usually do:

  • Hp golden trio era

  • Hp marauders era

  • Gilmore girls

  • Muggle

I will do almost any rp EXCEPT for any forbidden rp's like mum x son and stuff like that so pls don't ask. 


  • Wolfstar

  • Jegulus

  • Jily

  • Sirius x James

  • Remus x James

  • Drarry

  • Dramus

  • Romione

  • Blaise x Ron

  • Blaise x Luna

  • Rory x Tristan

  • Rory x Jess

  • Lorelai x Luke

If you want to rp, owl me or post on my wall idrc.

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