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I love looking at dead tree shavings with the same 26 letters on them in different orders and wildly hallucinate to it. Others may call it reading <3 ~Skylar

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Skylar Selene Astor 

Age:18 (changes depending on the RP)


Sexuality: Bisexual

Backstory: You have to find out ;)

Relationship status: Single <3

(just with white curly hair)


Theadora Nyxx Nomia

Age:19(changes depending on the RP)


Sexuality: Pansexual

Backstory: Find out in the Rp :)

Relationship status: Single


Elyssa Grace Berlusconi 

Age:18 (changes depending on the rp)



Backstory: Find out in the Rp!

Relationship status:Single T.T


Cassidy Maeve Archambeau

Age:18 (changes depending on the rp)



Backstory: Find out in the Rp ;)

Relationship status: Single ^.^


Raine April Cane

Age:19 (changes depending on the rp)



Backstory: Find out in the Rp ;)

Relationship status: Single ^.°


(More coming soon)

Rp Rules 

°Please don't mention things like Sexual assault, Eating disorders, Self harm or Suicide because it will trigger stuff for me

°Don't Ghost me, just tell me if you want to stop RP-ing. I promise i understand

°Cussing or swearing is fine with me, i do it a lot too but don't use any slurs

°Please don't try to control my characters, they are my characters

°I am completely fine with Mature romance, but please don't expect me to be the dominant one because i'm simply not dominant

°Please try to answer quickly, i understand you have a life too -as do i- but i'd appreciate it if you could not leave me without an answer for days on end

°Don't make yourself flawless, it's boring

°Please don't answer with single sentences like: She ate the soup. Or like: ,,Thank you.“ He said nodding. I can't work with that and i appreciate it if you put the same effort in as me.

°Have fun:)

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