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student (vampire/demon hybrid)

hey peoples, I'm Lucas... I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community, so if you're a hater stay away cause I'm trans (F to M) and bi SO NO HATERS ALLOWED !!!

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i am kind, loyal, and caring. i speak Spanish and English i hate people who judge me and my family im a third year slytherin im bi-sexual and single Draco Malfoy is my older brother I am adopted and was attacked by a vampire at the age of 17. and i am now immortally 17 ( i was born in the 1800's) my actual last name is Diaz, and my family died a long time ago... this was when i was mortal and they died at the hands of a group of vampires, one of which ended up changing me on accident. the rest of my family however was not so lucky, none of them survived except me. i am normally very distant and depressed if i talk to you it's a good thing i cut myself so im always in a long sleeve shirt im an elite vampire which is basically the most powerful kinda like an alpha and i also have black angel wings though i don't show them often. i have to truly trust you to show you my wings, and i have trust issues. where i am half demon i have healing abilities, I can teleport, wield and control fire, and can move things without touching them also in the winter demons in a way hibernate since they often can't function in the cold... so they will enter a deep sleep and won't wake for a couple months and when he is asleep his demon form will be exposed (this is something I made up... and if I do an rp that is in the winter he Lucas will seemingly disappear for a couple months, and no one will know where he went unless he has told them about him being hybrid) if anyone has read twilight you know vampires can have special is being able to hypnotize people with my eyes. they will turn dark purple and place whomever i choose into a trance to where i can control them. i will not make them do anything inappropriate or bad,( and if i use this in rp please go with it i really don't like when people say im immune or stuff like that so please go with it) my character has vivid nightmares like harry does but the are mainly from his past. i was abused by my adoptive parents and older brother i have a scar on my back from my father i don't talk about it much but i don't like to be touched since i have been abused. i have also been bullied a lot so i also am very scared but i don't show it often, but i am scared by people easily. for info on my other oc's read my book:

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