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Hey bros. Im up for most kinds of rp. My characters basics will be here, but I'll post more on my wall. Eventually. Keep in mind I'm not so good at rp, but im trying to get better. Also if we do a romance rp, i prefer it to be same gender, but if I think it's cute enough I'll do straight stuff (Basically I'm not against either, I just have a preference)
Clayton Moore
Basically stuck up, bad at making friends, and judgemental.
Male, pansexual, pan-romantic
Platinum hair, pale skin, and sea foam green eyes.

Brad Woodrow
Male, bi
Pretty buff and strong. Intimidating but really friendly when he wants to be. (A goon)
Dark brown hair and bronze skin, brown eyes.

Janet Spencer
Female, bi
Buff, healthy, a bro. Super intimidating (like Brad) and friendly if she wants to be.
Black faux hawk, tanned skin and dark green eyes.

Caroline Westcott
Sassy, friendly, and a bit clingy.
Female, lesbian
long princess cut auburn hair, almond skin, and hazel eyes.

Basil Adler
Non-binary (they, them), asexual, demi-romantic.
Super sweet, sadistic, has blood lust, evil, friendly.
Honey blonde hair, fair skin, grey eyes (which sometimes seem red for whatever reason)

Jaxon Smith
You know what. This guy's a teacher. Whatever.
Male, pan
Gentle, rarely yells, gets mad or takes off points, introverted, (kind of a pushover too), light hearted too i suppose. Teaches charms.
Light brown hair, light skin, amber eyes.

Agata Smith (Jaxon's older half sister)
Nurse (probably the assistant, probably not)
Female, pan
Nice, firm, smart, and a good, confident leader.
Red flowing hair, light skin, amber eyes.
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