Cat Griffins

Student - Pub Worker

My name is Cat Griffins, I'm a smart, slightly spontaneous, and witty Gryffindor. I'm usually pretty nice, but will fight you if I have to.

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(Student, worker)

My mother (Madam Rosemerta) owns the Three Broomsticks Pub. I work there on weekends and holidays. I live in an apartment above the pub in the summer/holidays, or whenever I'm away from school. I grew up in Hogsmeade and now I attend Hogwarts.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and am obsessed with having everything whether it be homework, chores, or cleaning up at the pub finished before I do anything spontaneous. Although I may seem reserved, quiet, or even cold, I'm actually a warm person who will do anything for someone in need.

My best friend is Rowina Lorwitz, and we live in a dorm together. I'm extremely talented at dark curses, hexes, and spells I can do in my mind. I'm great at creating and/or replicating potions. I am an animagus and my form is a silver fox.

I'm 5.9, have thick, wavy, mahogany colored hair that reaches just below my shoulders, large, golden eyes, and long, dark lashes.
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