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I'm a Malfoy and Potter so Shush Folks!

Hello and welcome to my Lovely Pag Please Be polite is all I ask! [Warning: I do FxF or MxM Rp ask to FxM since I rarely do those!!]

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Welcome, Welcome Everyone to My lovely Page Below is My Oc’s, Starter’s, and Rules/Rp Info So please Keep an Eye Out for something that interests you! I’m always available to Rp.

So send an Owl or Post on my wall okay!



Harry Potter: Marauder Era [Female Only]

–  Madeline Chloe-Louise Potter

Genevieve Layla-Rose Black

Adelaide Gale Gardner

Nerezza Lily-Rose Wheatley


Harry Potter: Golden Trio Era

Katharine Ella-Rose Malfoy

Emris Lexi-Mae Potter

Victoria Ruby-Leigh Weasley

Gail Ella-May Zimmerman



Starter Section-







About Me!


Lily Ella-May Malfoy






Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter



15 inches/38 cm Walnut Wood Very Flexible [Core: Spider's Silk]  










- Don’t Spam Please I’m not always on here that much to check so I will get to you don’t worry!

- Help Write the ACTION as it gets boring always having to do it all the time [It’s Rp for a Reason Folks!]

- I can do MxM FxF or FxM Rp’s just let me know which ones you’d like to do!

- No Homophobia, Racial Slurs or anything inappropriate please as I’d hate that Shit on my Page!


Rp’s I don’t DO- 

- Adoption

- Double RP [like where our ocs date other characters and we have to do it for the other!]

- Neko x Anything

- Demon x Angel

- Robot x Anything


Rp Ship’s-

- Jegulus [Main One I’m into at the moment!]

- Drarry [Main One I’m into at the moment!]

- Dramione

- Blaison

- WolfStar

- James x Sirius

- Jj Maybank x Pope Heyward

- John b Rutledge x Jj Maybank

- Kiara x Sarah

- Will x Mike

- Steve x Billy 

- Nancy x Robin 

- Steve x Johnathan

- Elven x Max


Rp’s Info-


- Harry Potter

- 100

- Stranger Things

- Criminal Minds

- Walking Dead [Tv Show/Video Game]

- The Witcher

- The Last Kingdom

- Chronicles of Narnia

- Dead of Night [Video Game]

- Until Dawn [Video Game]

- OuterBanks



- Zombie Apocalypse 

- Student x Teacher

- Principal x Student

- Boss x Co-Worker

- Bully x Nerd [or Quiet Boy/Girl]

- Yandere x Anything 

- Mother x Daughter

- Mother x Son

- Step-Mother x Son

- Step-Mother x Daughter

- Father x Daughter 

- Father x Son

- Step-Father x Son

- Step-Father x Daughter

- Aunt x Niece

- Aunt x Nephew

- Uncle x Nephew

- Uncle x Niece

- Brother x Sister 

- Sister x Sister

- Brother x Brother

- Step-Brother x Brother

- Step-Sister x Sister

- Step-Brother x Brother

- Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

- Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter

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