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Im am Kathryn Hathaway and I attend Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw student. I work hard for all I have and thrive to be the best student to be. Tho sometimes my curiosity and longing for adventure can; and dose get the best of me. Sometimes when that happens I get in more trouble then intended but I feel that is more than worth it. Im a hybrid my mother was a powerful witch and well I know my father was a Vampire ...but he left my mother when I was born so its just been me and my mum. I always have my nose in a book, most likely the reason I was sorted into ravenclaw like my mother.. and can anyone tell me if seeing shadows dance across the walls is normal..who knows right. But ya know anything is normal when you really don't know your father all i know of him is that he came form a long line of phoenix blood.

Name: kathryn Griffin Hathaway
Nickname: Kath-or kathy
Age- 16 as a mortal but way older

wand:Laurel wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ½" and rigid flexibility
Pets" owl named morningstar

hair: brown curly shoulder length
eye color: light hazel eyes
skin: caramel

There really nothing to say, I love hogwarts, the classes, most of the people and the reading, I love there books.

Godly World

Name: Blare percy
Godly parents: persephone and hades
Powers: destruction and healing
Looks: Long white hair, carmel skin,5'4 in heights, purple eyes
Pet: a dragon name neverwinter

My parents love is complicated, well thats a lie my mother hates my father but is never able to leave him but they both love me to my suprise.
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