Bridey Abbott


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Bridey Abbott



Character Info


Place of Birth- Montrose, Scotland

Daughter of Hannah Abbott 

Relationship Status- single

Blood status- Half-Blood 

pronouns- She/her

Personality- ISFP-T 

Personality- Kind, quiet, smart, curious, innocent.

zodiac sign- Leo 

Date of Birth- August 2

Sexuality- straight

Style- Short skirts, flats, cropped shirts, sleeves long enough to cover up arms (whether it's a jacket or shirt), a necklace with a ring on it, rings, glasses

Looks- 5'10", long wavy brown hair, gold-round glasses, pale soft red/pink lips, natural blush, the dark mark that is normally covered up.


Don’t Just Exist, Live ✼ 


Wand- spruce wood and dragon heartstring, 11 and 2/3 inches 

Pet: A jet black owl

Patronus- vole

boggart- Getting rejected 

Amorentia- darkness, cologne, the quidditch field, rain

Mirror of erised- Me being loved by my family

Quidditch- keeper

Favorite hallow- invisibility cloak (great for annoying people)

Likes- jazz, reading, books, writing, people, the lake

Dislikes- being rejected, McGonagall, classical music 

Relationship Status- Single

Hobbies- painting, long walks, wondering around, makeup, fashion, watching people, dark arts

Extra Skills- Occlumency


Born into the Abbott family. Basically disowned by my family because of certain interests in dark arts. First became interested in dark arts when:
it was my sister’s first year at hogwarts, I went robes shopping with her. There were a ton of people shopping in diagon alley that day so, I got swept away in the crowd and was pulled into a dark arts shop. I realized I loved everything in there so I stayed some more. Finally, the shop owner asked where my parents were when I realized I didn’t know. So I walked outside and found my mum frantically searching for me. She grabbed me and apparated back home. I went to Hogwarts and now I just sit around with a few friends, occasionally messing around, mainly in the library.


Inheritance Games OC


Kayla Anne Hawthorne


Daughter of Toby (Jr.)


Personality- Curious, adventureous, secretive, romantic, smart

zodiac sign- Sagittarius


Date of Birth- November 27


Sexuality- straight


Style- normally wears zip-up jackets with tank underneath,jeans, lots of jewelry


Looks- Flowy brown hair, silver-blue eyes, pale-ish skin

✼ Sometimes letting go is better than holding on.


Likes- puzzles, secrets, traveling, Grayson Hawthorne, reading, peace and quiet


Dislikes- Loud noises, being interrupted, Avery Kylie Grambs


Relationship Status- Single


Hobbies- Reading, exploring, annoying the Hawthorne boys



Open to most MxF rp. With me as female please. Please keep your responses at least two sentences long.

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