Caspian Blake


Made a rp group called "Socializing with sirens" feel free to join

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17, slytherin, pansexual, prefers to date guys

Caspian is kind of shy when in human form but is more confident in his siren form, he lives in the black lake but enjoys attending hogwarts classes on occasion even though he isnt really a student there... he has a wand that an old student lost in the lake... he loves singing n being outside with all the magical creatures, his favorite class is charms... he doesnt make friends easily as once the rumor spread that he was a siren people now avoid him... it makes him sad since he cant make friends n he also hates being alone, he wants someone to care bout him

Like any siren, his voice could be used to entrance and control others, but he rarely used this power... If anything he just sang when alone or he'd use his voice to help people, he could help people sleep, calm others and even stop fights... 

He can also wield n control water, making it do pretty much anything he wants it to

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