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so my actual name is Kylie, and Lia is just my profile name... but you may call me by either one i'm 18 years old... my birthday is February 2nd, 2003 i am a girl my actual hair color is like a light brown or dirty blonde... but is is currently black from where i had it dyed my eyes are Blue and i wear glasses i am white, i'm also really pale compared to my family i am a Lesbian and am single ( and if/when this status changes i will edit this part) i'm roughly 5ft 2" - 5ft 3" i'm not super skinny but i'm not fat either -_- also my updated profile pic has one image that is not an anime character that is me irl i like to talk and make friends where ever i go... some of my interests are of course Harry Potter, as well as ninja turtles, rosario + vampire anime, art, making jewelry, drawing, reading, writing, listening to music, singing( even though i suck at it), playing guitar, playing video games, and ect. i have a male and a female character. Lia and Luka Luka : is kind, funny, and sarcastic Height-6 ft 4 eye color- blue hair color- brown with blue highlights house-Ravenclaw age-17 (immortal "Vampire") abilities: fast runner, good at hiding, can track a person by their scent, Deadly killers. pale, muscular, broad pet(s): owl "Nightshade" cat "nox" (based off of me irl)Lia: shy, smart, and talented, loves to sing height-5 ft 3 eye color- sapphire blue hair color- Purple, length- down to the waist house-Ravenclaw age-16 (immortal "Siren") abilities: Induce a love trance with her song, if angered Sirens can change and if they scream the sound could be deadly. semi-pale, skinny, very pretty, bit of a bad girl pet(s): 2 foxes "Yin and Yang" owl "Spiderwick" the difference between the two foxes is Yin has a white tipped tail and Yang has black tipped tail. Thalia Rose: shy, not very social, meek, loving eye color: green hair: long, strawberry blonde house: Hufflepuff age:17 i love to write enchanted stories and cause mischief. any story i write becomes real. i love to play tricks and have fun. i'm fairly shy, but am really fun when you get to know me. i'm a pure blood my family died a long time ago my sis is all i have left she is a Gryffindor as well as a vampire. my favorite subject is potions, i really would like to try and make some friends. i'm a lesbian, and i love to read & write. also if i'm doing a Sanders side rp I prefer to be Logan (aka Logicality) and if i'm doing FNAF or Afton family I like being Micheal or Ennard

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