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I'm into Percy Jackson and Harry potter. I will Rp. I'm more active on Wattpad, check my background for details

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I have returned.... Hello ppls
If you have Wattpad, find my at __TheLonelyHero__ (either two or three Underscores, I can't remember) Or if you're having trouble search "The Last Stand (revised)" cuz that's me book XD.
My fandom is mainly Percy Jackson but I still know my Harry Potter stuff!
I love Role Play but will be more frequent on Wattpad.


DOB: June 21
House: Gryffindor
Hair: Wispy, windswept, could pass as blond or brown.
Eyes: Piercing, they look white but if the lighting is just right you can tell they are actually blue.
Outfit: T-shirt and jeans, very casual.
Personality: Soft and gentle. Kind, honest, blunt, and simple. Carter is very peaceful and acts as a mediator. He's outgoing and friendly, but also very mature and helpful.
Sexauloty: Pansexual
Gender: Male
Backstory: Was kicked out fo his house at the age of seven. His two siblings left him to live life on the streets, Carter went tot he authorities and got into an orphanage. The triplets were reunited at Hogwarts and even though Carter tries to make peace with them, they won't have it. Nobody understands how Carter was sorted into Gryffindor because he acts 100% Hufflepuff. He's also great with animals and creatures and loves the outdoors.
Appearance: Has a splash of frecks, decently tanned, and a scrawny build. Carter is like the kid who gets bullied but doesn't fight back, he just walks away.
Skills: Magical creatures, herbology, breaking up fights, helping anyone, calming people down.

IN PJO: Son of Helios but blessed by Hestia because of the work he did at the orphanage. He's like a Hunter of Artemis but for Hestia instead.

Age: 14
DOB: August 11
House: Gryffindor
Hair: dark brown, wiry, tousled, and looks like he just rolled out of bed.
Eyes: Intense forest green
Outfit: open trucker jacket, Cargo shorts, and a white T-shirt
Personality: Kind but will KILL you is you try anything funny. Is VERY bent on revenge. Watch out! Also very dry and sarcastic, tends to be moody.
Sexuality: Gay
Gender: Male (Ftm trans, given name; Everest)
Backstory: Lived at a summer camp for as long as he could remember. Always got in trouble and was being punished. Everett officially became trans when he was 12. He kissed his best friend who turned out to be straight and was harassed about it for years onward. Everett's self-conscious about himself but covers it with a snarky attitude if anyone tries to come close. Generally, he's really nice, but if you get under his skin...
Appearance: Athletic but small. The average tan, has bags under his eyes and is ALWAYS tired. Often looked like a mess, as if he just rolled out of bed. Keeps a pair of over the ear headphones on his shoulders.
Skills: Dueling, has a photographic memory, good at healing but don't count on him helping you if you've gotten under his skin ever.

IN PJO: Decedent of Nemesis, Roman, Centurion of the Third Cohort. He kissed his best friend, the Centurion of the Second Cohort, and had been harassed ever since.

Age: 15
DOB: 14
House: Ravenclaw
Hair: Feathery, brown, has a shocking streak of blue in the front.
Eyes: Brown, analyzing, intellectual, calculating.
Outfit: Pullover sweatshirt and cargo shorts and beat-up sneakers. Often has his hands in his pockets. ALL HIS CLOTHES ARE COVERED IN PAINT and other art stains.
Personality: Creative, smart, and thinks outside the box. Christofer loves art but is generally quiet and non-attention-seeking. he's definitely an introvert and is socially awkward.
Sexuality: Bi (90% Gay)
Gender: Male
Backstory: Grew up in a good home thought they were always poor, had a good past but was always exploring and creating things. Christofer prefers quiet and being alone but secretly wants to have friends. When he was 13, his younger brother James died, the only person Christofer really connected with. After James's death, Christofer never got better and became even more secluded. Christofer tends to run away from his problems and hide. He doesn't want people to get close to him because they'll see how much of a mess he is. Christofer likes to paint beautiful artwork to cover up his mess of a life.
Appearance: Average build, pale skin, normally has smears of paint and charcoal on his face and hands. His hair has paint in it.
Skills: Drawing, building, making stuff, painting, astronomy, potions.

IN PJO: Son of Eros, same backstory, came to camp when he was ten.
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