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---back story: applies to both oc's----

I am the child of Lucifer himself but i was sent to the mortal world to cause chaos and destruction as an infant and I was adopted by the Potters who raised me as their own. soon enough the forgot about me when their son Harry was born I ran away though not very far as i still cared for my brother and saw big things in his future so i wanted to protect him at all costs.

when they died I followed my brother to the Dursleys' and there I protected him as much as I could and took the beatings for myself but when I was hurt to the extent that I could not move Harry would take care of me but he would in turn get hurt. we both tend to get pretty vivid nightmares, mine mostly revolve around my abusive home life and all the trauma I have experienced... where as his revolve around our parents death and the things he goes through due to being the chosen one at Hogwarts.

Natalia potter: (a.k.a me)
House: Gryffindor

i am 18 and i shall remain that age till i return to hell
i am Bisexual, and lean more towards girls ( she's a bad girl )
and i am not to nice to people who mess with me

i have a few powers as well as unique features

i can hypnotize anyone no matter who or what they are, i have black demon wings and can fly, I can also conjure and weld fire, and I can cause people to act evil even if they aren't.

appearance: semi-long red hair, green eyes, has a large scar over her left eye (which she hides with her hair most of the time), almost always wears armor, dark grey wings ( that she keeps hidden), Also when she isn't wearing her armor she is very sexy.

Nathan Potter: Male Oc
House: Slytherin

age: 19
Sexuality: Straight (but depending on rp he can be Bi-sexual)
semi-aggressive has trust issues, but once he trusts you he is protective, kind, and loyal

appearance: tall, brownish red hair, red eyes, muscular, black demon wings ( which are also hidden, and his left-wing was shredded in a battle so he can't fly

he is a demon as well
his abilities: can read minds, can summon and wield fire, can control darkness as well as shadows, and he can teleport.

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