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  • United States



◆ Place of Birth-United States

◆ blood status-half-blood

◆ birthday-July 29 (zodiac-Leo)

◆ age-hahahahaha 

◆ sexuality-straight

◆ personality type-INFJ and 1w2

◆ features-5'4", hair changes too often to keep up with, one eye orange one blue

◆ clothes/accessories- leather jacket, baggy cargo pants, and converse

◆ wand-ash wood with a dragon heartstring core, 1' 6"

◆ pet-black cat familiar (shhh, Hogwarts ban them a few years back) called Jinx

◆ Patronus-Chinese fireball dragon

◆ animagus-arctic fox



◆ Hogwarts-Slytherin (on my mom's side dating back to the first Merlin)

◆ Ilvermorny-Thunderbird

◆ Durmstrang-Leninsk

◆ Beauxbatons-Ombrelune 


◆ favorite class-history of magic (not as boring as it sounds)

◆ Boggart-my brother Merlin's death

◆ Amortentia-the smell of old books, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla

◆ mirror of erised-my own grave

◆ favorite magical creature-dragons and Thestrals

◆ favorite spell-Lumos

◆ favorite hallow-invisibility cloak 

◆ hobbies-reading/writing, art,cooong/baking

◆ likes-ice cream (love of my life), black tea, green, any genre of music, mountains, castles, books, accents, candles, starry night, autumn, big pockets, and thunderstorms

◆ dislikes-tomatoes, lies, bullies, bad grammar, romance, hot weather, gnomes, stereotypes, and most of all: people 

Background: My dad's a no-maj restaurant manager, and Mum works in the muggle studies department of the Ministry of Magic. She was visiting from the UK when she met my Dad and they fell in love or whatever. They don't have a lot of time for me, hence the mischief I get into. I got expelled from Ilvermorny last year, and might I say: I was framed. I still have no idea how the unicorn colt got into the great hall. I specifically told Steve to stay in the dorms. I started a new at Hogwarts as a fifth year. It did not start well. On my first day here I was immediately given detention for smuggling my little brother, Merlin, hidden in my trunk. I have zero regrets.


◆ Jeff Blaze-Dad-no maj restaurant manager 

◆ Elizabeth Nott-Mum-a pure blood in the muggle studies department of the Ministry of Magic

◆ Merlin Blaze-brother-Squibb


◆ Harry Potter (obviously)

◆ Percy Jackson (child of Athena)

◆ Marvel 

◆ DC

◆ Hunger Games (district 7)

◆ Star Wars

◆ Sherlock

◆ Grishaverse

◆ ATLA (earth bender)

◆ Pirates of the Caribbean

◆ Lord of The Rings

◆ Game of thrones 

◆ Arcane

◆ Stranger Things

◆ Death Note

◆ Hunter x Hunter

◆ Studio Ghibli (specifically howl's moving castle)

◆ Doctor Who

◆ The Chronicles of Narnia

◆ The Wheel of Time (not done yet)

◆ Lunar Chronicles

◆ Anything Disney 

pretty much any musical (feel free to theater nerd with me any day)

◆ Genres: fantasy/dystopian

Rp rules:

◆ Please keep it PG

◆ Please don't use asterisks (this *)

◆ Please have good grammar and punctuation

◆ Please use third person

◆ Please use at least a paragraph or two in your responses

◆ Please don't change the canon storylines

 Please don't control my character

My Books in the Library:

◆ The Blazen Trail-my character's backstory

◆ Marauder Mystery-The marauder's first year

◆ Marauder mirror of erised-doesn't really need a description 

◆ Explain???-Questions I have for JK Rowling

◆ Daughter of Poseidon-PJO fic

◆ Weasley twins after the war-Fred's funeral 

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