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I'm just curious, is it serious?

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-Personal Information-

Full Name: Katie Rose Beaumont

Gender: Female

Species: Witch

Blood Type: Half Blood


Height: 5'4"

Skin Tone: Fair

Eye Color: Deep Brown

Hair Description:

  • Color: Platinum Blonde

  • Length: Shoulders

  • Style: Straight


House: Slytherin

Best Core Class: Herbology

Worst Core Class: Transfiguration

Extracurricular(s): Frog Choir



  • Length: 13”, slightly bendy

  • Wood: African Blackwood, ornately carved

  • Core: Dragon heartstring

Boggart: Unknown

Patronus: Tiger

Amortentia: Mahogany wood, rain, and a soft musk.


Father: Theodore S. Beaumont, wizard and heir to the family's wealth.

Mother: A young, unknown muggle woman.

Step-Parent(s): Marianna Sophia Beaumont, a witch made aristocratic through wedlock.

Sibling(s): n/a

Love Interest: n/a

Pet(s): A barn owl named Primrose.


(NOTE: Katie Beaumont is a character I am roleplaying. I run the blog in character, but Katie and I share many of the same interests ;) My profile picture and any pictures I post are not my own & do not contain me.)

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