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Hello,Hiya here.When I was young,I missed my Hogwarts letter.I grew up as a muggle,knowing I have always been a witch doing things like unexpectedly intuiting things,making things happen by sheer force of will and wanting alone and never fitting in and always being a loner and misfitting in the muggle world.I have always been curious and lonely and always dreaming of Hogwarts until I found this place and finally got my long lost Hogwarts letter that I should have found long ago.I have finally recieved a Hogwarts letter and I want to get my education at Hogwarts from the beginning to the end and finally live my dream no matter even if its late.I want to live in this wizarding world and belong here and do all those things I have always wanted to do in the wizarding world.Though I am not sure what my favourite classes will be,or what I will like to do most in the wizarding world,or how I will turn up to be living here and among the wizards and witches being part of and in these situations in the wizarding world,I am here to live my life in the wizarding world and see how I grow up to be and what I turn out to be in here.I am mostly good at intuiting and I believe my strengths will mostly lie in intuition and theory cz I like theoretical subjects,but lets see what my personality turns out to be in the wizarding world circumstances and how different it turns out to sparkle in the wizarding world instead of the muggle world.


And heyya,let me tell you a few more things about me like,I have a crush on Harry Potter,even though he is just a book hero nowadays or a character in the movies and famous in both the wizarding and muggle world,and long graduated from Hogwarts,I love him a lot.And I also love Hermione Granger,she is my second favourite after Harry Potter among the well known the Golden Trio and she is also some sort of inspiration to me because I believe I share her love of books and draw inspiration from her nerdiness cz it makes me feel more good about myself being my hobby being love of reading books and sharing her love of fiction and literature,not being noticed by my friends who are boys and only see me as a friend,I kind of think to myself that I resemble her character and hence draw inspiration from her.I also love Ginny Weasley,cz she is Harry Potters girlfriend and I have a crush on Harry Potter.I want to know which qualities embedded in Ginny Weasley attracted Harry Potter and see to know if I possess them.

Just like Hermione Granger I am a Gryffindor sorted by the Sorting Hat and like her,I would have liked to be in Ravenclaw too,thus I think or rather I would like to believe that as a character or characterwise I resemble Hermione the most.


Thankyou yall for listening to me,I am soon going to update which is my favourite subject in here and I am soon going to update more character traits about myself or more likes or dislikes about things in here that I am soon going to be part of or discover or things that I notice in the wizarding world.

My favourite chocolate in the lady's trolley would be Bertie Bott's every flavour beans,(sounds good to me),and I am looking forward to tasting the famous wizarding world drink,Butterbeer(it sounds delicious).I love to write as well.Just like Hermione Granger,I will do good in essays,just like Hermione Granger,except,I have a word limit problem,I always somehow end up writing more than needed,and I love to use my creativity and imagination whenever and wherever needed,and am curious by nature and would love to explore anywhere mysterious in or outside the Hogwarts castle,though I do not particularly like to get in trouble.My Amortentia love potion smells like fresh parchment,fresh coffee,new books and the Hogwarts library.No,I didn't brew one,I didn't sneak one in either,because I know its forbidden at Hogwarts,but I just happened to find one near the Hogwarts library.My favorite color is Lavender,nod to the person whose dorm I joined first at Hogwarts,Lily Lavender.My favourite non magical flower is the rose,because of its aesthetically pleasing smell and noble beauty.The symbol of romance(specifically the red rose),this flower is almost royal in appearance,and comes in various colours such as pink,white,yellow,red and purple each one nobler and more beautiful than the other.I love this flower,particularly its red variety,the red rose.Nod to my best friend,Rose PETERSON.My favourite magical object is the Marauder's map and thats the only mischief I am really upto.I usually dont like to get in trouble,but I would like to get in trouble if I could somehow get to acquire the Marauder's map,because I consider it to be one of the most facinating magical objects and one of the most brilliant inventions of magic.Nod and my respect and much deserved salute to the four original Marauders  and creators of the Marauders' Map,Padfoot(Sirius Black),Moony(Remus Lupin),Prongs(James Potter) and Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew) from the generation immediately preceeding Harry Potter's generation at Hogwarts.My respect to Padfoot,Moony and Prongs for being Animagi too.

"For all those who are wondering why I haven't fixed the grammatical and spelling mistakes in my backstory, despite the fact that I definitely write better now, here's the reason. I like keeping my first backstory as a reminder of how I wrote when I first joined Hogwarts, and how much I have improved since then. It keeps me humble and keeps my feet on the ground, while also making me proud of my progress whenever I look at my first backstory." 

I live in Gryffindorm (#73550) at the Gryffindor Tower in the Hogwarts castle.

My first year at Hogwarts has officially ended and my results of the First Year Final Term Examinations have arrived.The following are my Course Average for First Year for each of the subjects studied by me in my First Year at Hogwarts:-

Flying: 96% - O.

Potions: 98% - O.

DADA: 94% - O.

Charms: 98% - O.

History of Magic: 98% - O.

Herbology: 93% - O.

Transfiguration: 99% - O.

Astronomy: 97% - O.

My favourite subject in my first year at Hogwarts was Transfiguration,and it looks like that got reflected in my grades.

I am proud that I have Outstanding grades for all my subjects in my first year at Hogwarts.I am now a second year witch at Hogwarts and as a perk of no longer being a first year at Hogwarts, I brought my own newly bought Comet 340 to Hogwarts, which is a majestic looking broom according to me, with features perfect for me. As a second year witch at Hogwarts, I can now fly on my broomstick without supervision and play Quidditch at Hogwarts. I already owned a pet screech owl in my first year at Hogwarts, whom I named Hedwig Two or Queenie, who was my first ever owned pet and my companion in my first year at Hogwarts. I also owned three pet kneazles,a purebred Somali kneazle whom I named Kneazlione,a hybrid kneazle whom I named Lavender and a purebred Persian kneazle whom I named Merlin's beard in my first year at Hogwarts. Now that I am a second year witch at Hogwarts, I can not only officially bring more than one pet, but also, different varieties of pets to Hogwarts, therefore I bought myself a pet niffler whom I named Aurumminer and a lavender colored(lavender is my favorite color) pet pygmy puff whom I named Lavandula, and brought both of them, along with my pet screech owl and my three pet kneazles to Hogwarts in my second year at Hogwarts.Therefore, as a second year witch at Hogwarts, I have six pets, including my pet screech owl, three pet kneazles, a pet pygmy puff and a pet niffler as my companions, and all five of my pets living with me at Hogwarts, except my niffler, Aurumminer, are female. Aurumminer is my only male pet. Another new thing I did recently in the wizarding world is to drink a mug of Butterbeer, and I loved it. It was foamy, delicious and tasted "a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch", which is exactly how J.K. Rowling, the writer of the Harry Potter books, described it. I am pretty sure Butterbeer is my favorite drink in the wizarding world, no matter what other delicious drinks I taste in the wizarding world in my upcoming years. I am going to chug many more mugs of Butterbeer, and even bottles, in my upcoming years in the wizarding world, as I am already in love with the foamy drink. I always love foamy carbonated beverages. I also love the flavor of Butterscotch. Cheers.

Sun Sign- Taurus♉, Moon Sign- Virgo♍.


Okay updates: -

I have written eight books and published them in the Hogwarts library, two in my first year and six in my second year at Hogwarts. They are:

Books Written by me in my First Year at Hogwarts-

Things To Know For First Year Students by Hiya Debnath

Just my diary by Hiya Debnath

Books Written by me in my Second Year at Hogwarts-

How to Make the Most of the Hogwarts Library by Hiya Debnath

My Handbook of Duelling by Hiya Debnath, A Gryffindor by Hiya Debnath

The Ministry of Magic by Hiya Debnath

Things To Know For Second Year Students at Hogwarts by Hiya Debnath

Little Scarlet Riding Hood and the Werewolf at Hogwarts:The HogwartsVersion by Hiya Debnath

Hiya's Book of Home-made Recipes by Hiya Debnath

I am also the founder, compiler, publisher, editor-in-chief, and a journalist of the Hogwarts Monthly Magazine.

I am part of quite many active social groups at Hogwarts. Some of them are even created and run by me. The social groups at Hogwarts I am part of are:

The Greenhouse- It is for those who want to book their own plot in the greenhouse, plant plants that they learn about in Herbology, and roleplay. 

House Point Competition Group- It is for students who want to compete in a month for the most house points earned within that month.

Honeydukes Factory- It is for those who want to work in the Honeydukes factory and invent, taste or develop candies and sweets or do more in the Honeydukes Factory.

Honeydukes shop and markets.- It is the Honeydukes Market for those who want to buy Honeydukes candies and sweets that are manufactured in the aforesaid Honeydukes Factory.

Our Own Cosy Little Library Corner (created and run by me)- Here I have fun with my friends in a cosy corner of the library after classes or at free times, chatting, relaxing and roleplaying, especially with my best friend Rose PETERSON. It is for anyone who wants to join us in our awesome roleplays in the group.

Duelling Practice (created and run by me)- It is for those who are great duelers and want to challenge me to a duel or fight me or someone else in the group, and if they wish, with help from the book in the current Hogwarts Library "My Handbook of Duelling" , written and published by me.

My Runecasting Divination Workplace (created by me)- It is not actually a group, but my runecasting divination workplace. I do runecasting readings here, for myself and for others.

Hiya's Magical Salon and Beauty Parlor (created and run by me)- Whatever your beauty problems, whether magical or Muggle, whether a backfired spell or a cruel jinx, acne or large front teeth, whether you need fashion advice for that one important date or that one glamorous party, whether you need hair-styling or coloring, make-up or nail art or even disguise, by magical or Muggle means, feel free to drop in for both magical and/or Muggle solutions according to your personal choice. If you have a beauty or fashion related question, do not hesitate to drop in and ask. Genuinely reasonable prices. Beauty products available. No fake items.

Hiya's Comforting Cafe n Delectable Delights (created and run by me)- Are you a foodie? Do you love to eat? Have you heard of Hiya's Book of Home-made Recipes? Nevertheless, walk in, to indulge in the aesthetic pleasures of scrumptious and flavorful desserts and drinks, all of which are made using Hiya's personal home-made recipes. All at drool-worthy prices. You will love them. Drop that Sickle and dive in. Keep looking in for the expandable menu, which has already swelled to include a savory item. Located in the Room of Requirement, Hogwarts Castle.

Hogwarts Monthly Magazine Office aka Hogwarts Monthly Magazine Editorial and Publishing Office (created and run by me)- It is the office of the Hogwarts Monthly Magazine, where the magazine is compiled, edited and published and all related aspects are handled.

The Hogwarts Monthly Magazine Office aka The Hogwarts Monthly Magazine Public Office (created and run by me)- The office allows the readers of the magazine to drop by, chat with us over a cup of our best-brewed warm coffee, and provide feedback for the magazine or leave juicy tips about what they would like to read about next or see published next in the Hogwarts Monthly Magazine. This office is also where our readers may discuss with us regarding helping us create the further issues of the magazine

I am also part of a few other social groups for study purposes.

I used to be part of the Creative Magical Object Monthly Competition Group (was created and used to be run by me), but I dismantled the competition and left the group to my best friend, Rose PETERSON, because I had too many engagements to handle. It used to be a group for those who wanted to participate in a monthly competition for making the most creative magical objects and win awards.

I am a Professor's Assistant to Professor Robert Plumb and Professor Oliver Adler, for First Year Astronomy since October 2023, and for Second Year Astronomy since November 2023.

I am a Professor's Assistant to Professor Cassandra Hope Virneburg and Professor Lavinia Laurel, for First Year Charms and Second Year Charms since November 2023.

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