Elowyn Zavila


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♡↬ born to witch victoire nilo-zavila and wizard orion zavila, elowyn maylise zavila grew up the youngest child of four in her family. they resided in norwich, a tiny village with a strictly magical population of approximately 251 along the outskirts of scotland. the town is cloaked for the safety of the inhabitants, appearing as an abandoned ghost town to non-magical outsiders. on the inside of its limits, though, the village is flourishing with copious amounts of lavish greenery tended to by the residents, beautiful architecture, and friendly people. 

♡↬ when the zavila owl dierdre dropped a hogwarts letter on the family doorstep, victorie and orion had initially brushed it off. prior to this instance, two of elowyn's older brothers had been homeschooled, much like the majority of norwich children. the only exception to this circumstance was elowyn's older sister, aavya, who also attended hogwarts when it was her time. aavya was adventurous and headstrong; she was the type of girl to never back down from a challenge. the tiny confinements of norwich couldn't hold a firecracker like aavya, so she left for bigger and better things. she was a bright and wonderful student, up until the middle of her third year when she had tragically passed away. the family was devastated. ever since then, the zavila parents decided to never let their children out of their sight; they would finish schooling at home and find a job in norwich. so, when elowyn accepted her invitation in secret, her parents were extremely disapproving of this decision. after days of persistence, tears, and promises to owl home every night, victoire and orion reluctantly agreed to send elowyn. the youngest zavila adores her town greatly, but she yearns for something greater in life than to be a small-town girl. norwich is suffocating to her, with constant reminders of aavya around every corner. she needs a breath of fresh air; somewhere to explore that doesn't have bittersweet memories wherever she goes. though severely underprepared and a bit oblivious to the workings of the real world, she feels that she is ready to take it all on by storm.

♡↬ full name: elowyn maylise zavila

♡↬ pronunciation: (el-oh-win), (may-lease), (zuh-vee-yuh)

♡↬ nicknames: elo, ellie, el, zee

♡↬ age: depends on rp

♡↬ birthday: february 14th, 1:11 AM

♡↬ height: 5'5"

♡↬ big three: aquarius sun, capricorn moon, scorpio rising

♡↬ house: hufflepuff

♡↬ wand: laurel wood with a unicorn hair core, 12 ¼" and slightly yielding flexibility

♡↬ blood status: halfblood (grandmother is a muggle)

♡↬ family: victoire nilo-zavila (mother), orion zavila (father), ilya zavila (oldest child, brother), aavya zavila (second oldest, sister, deceased), caspian zavila (third child, brother)

♡↬ personality: bubbly, extroverted, naive, overwhelmingly optimistic, book-smart, determined

♡↬ patronus: valais blacknose sheep

♡↬ favorite classes: herbology, potions, charms, alchemy

♡↬ least favorite classes: history of magic, ancient runes

♡↬ sexuality: bisexual

♡↬ caramel-toned skin, pale brown eyes, deep brown curls reaching to roughly her mid-back. 


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