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★Name: Shaun Henry Debonair

★Age: 16-20 (depends on roleplay)

★Gender: Male

★Pronouns: He/him

★Sexuality: Bisexual

★Pet: Black cat named Salem

Despite being in Slytherin, Shaun is usually quite and nice and friendly person although he does have a darker side that sometimes comes out. He likes to make friends but can struggle at times as he sometimes worries that people will think he is weird. He has ADHD but he tries his best to hide it even though he knows that he doesn't have a reason to but it does make him feel a little insecure. He enjoys reading and will usually be seen reading a book, which could be either fiction or nonfiction.


Please don't Godmode me.

Please don't assume that Shaun will like your character.

Please don't use asterisks as I find them confusing so please use speech marks

Please try and match the size of my reply although I do understand that not everyone can write long responses.

Please be patient with me as I can't always be online and I also have ADHD IRL which means I get easily distracted 

★Although I am over 18 IRL and happy to do mature roleplays, please don't do any mature roleplays with me if you are a minor.

Things I'll roleplay:


★Harry Potter

★Once Upon a Time

★Stranger Things

★Legend of Zelda

★Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996 version with Melissa Joan Hart)

★Doctor Who

★Marvel (not seen all the films)


★Chronicles of Narnia


★Friends to Lovers

★Enemies to Lovers

★Student x Teacher

★Bully x unpopular student

★Popular student x nerd student

★Prince x Stable Boy/girl

★Stable boy x Prince/Princess

★King x Servant

★Prince x Servant

★Royalty x Royalty

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