Aeacus Nott

Student, War healing magic specialist

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Personal background

His parents were killed in a targeted attack the day of his 12th birthday. A family friend took him under his wing and took him in the North until his death. 

He returned to Britain to finish school. 

He went to Norway where he entered the Norwegian Resistance Army (Norsk Motstandshær) during the Secret Nordic War (Dec 2001 - June 2002). He was injured in battle and sent back to Britain at the end of May 2002.

Aeacus was always of introverted and reserved nature with a strong sense of justice.




  • 12 ½ inches

  • Aspen wood

  • Dragon heartstring core

  • Unbending


Little Owl




Dark hair, pale skin. Dark, almost black eye iris, but they change to light grey in the dark.

10s: He has a weirdly shaped scar starting on his back and growing to the side of his neck and left arm dating from the attack that left him an orphan. Wear normal kid clothes. He came back from Norway with only dark clothes.

20s: Came back from fighting in Norway with a few grey hairs. Never fully recovered from his wounds, he gets around with a small limp and sometimes a cane. Always dressed in black or grey.


Academic career

Completed one year at Hogwarts before leaving after his parents were killed. He was taken to an unknown location where he was homeschooled. He came back back for his last year at Hogwarts, clearly advanced in some specific fields. 

He has great skills in DADA and Potions. 

He was recommended to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to be an Auror Trainee at the end of his academic formation. He quit before finishing.



He was approached by multiple security agencies and both British and Norwegian Ministry of Magic for his talents.

Unknown War distinction on his final month on the front before his injury.

Report of the 26th May 2002.

Concerning: Aeacus Nott, son of Albert Nott


Participated in the Nordic War. Was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant before being retrograded for insurbordination.

His actions earned him the Merit Medal for Heroic Magic during which he saved 328 lives when he single-handedly saved Captain Matthews and his man by protecting the integrity of the underground chruch from the explosive destruction of the swedish bunker on North side of the Altevatn. He then, knowing he was risking his own life, crossed the fjord by himself on the small wooden bridge and proceeded to heal multiple Swedish soldiers and came back carrying Lieutenant Bonin and helping Sergent Gauthier, both from the Canadian Legion and prisoners since the attack on the Lofoten Islands, crossing back the bridge. 

His direct actions resulted in the liberation of the Norwegian Northern Circle.


He is a gifted non verbal spell caster. Some people have claimed seeing him wandless magic, but he has never admit nor denied he was able to do it. The extent of this ability is also unkown.

He is a well respected healer in his hometown and by his pairs.


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