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ella stevens ~

appearance~ Wavy dark brown long hair, 5'4'', brown eyes, small and skinny, golden tan skin, lightly freckled face, long eyelashes age~ 16 but depends on rp

personality~ sweet, always up for a challenge, a little quiet sometimes, very approachable, smart, daydreamer, deep thinker

zodiac~ pisces

sexuality~ bi

likes ~ flowers, fashion, anything social, singing, indie music, watercolor painting

dislikes~ spoiled people, wearing lots of makeup, constant loudness, hurting others

NOW PLAYING Waves~ Calpurnia | 3:26 ─────O───────── 6:40 |

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vivian thompson ~

appearance~ blonde chest length hair, blue eyes, sunkissed skin, natural makeup, flat body shape, big eyes 4'11''

personality~ outgoing, talkative, speaks her mind, spontaneous

zodiac~ sagittarius

sexuality~ straight

likes~ shopping, friends, manicures, movies, accessories, photoshoots, cheerleading, beach days, hugs

dislikes~ being broke, boredom, selfishness

NOW PLAYING Hot Rod~ Dayglow | 1:37 ─────O───────── 3:24 |

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ivy stewart ~
appearance~ short ash colored hair, almond eye shape, dark brown eyes, glasses, curtain bangs

personality~ shy and quiet, very smart, gentle, daydreams often, a perfectionist

zodiac~ libra

sexuality~ bi

likes~ books, writing and reading poetry, fall, calligraphy, coffee, playing piano, listening to music, bike rides, doodling

dislikes~ loud noises, attention seekers, putting others down,

NOW PLAYING Corduroy Dreams~ Rex Orange County | 1:17 ─────O───────── 3:26 | |

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layla robin ~
appearance~ light brown short hair, brown eyes, slender figure, big eyes, a little taller than her friends

personality~ life of the party, lives on the edge, confident, helpful

zodiac~ aries

sexuality~ bi

likes~ dancing, singing at the top of her lungs, partying, dressing up, hyping others up

dislikes~ party poopers, rules, being mature

NOW PLAYING Tongue Tied~ Grouplove | 1:25 ─────O───────── 3:38 | 

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sage west ~
appearance~ black midlength hair with pink streaks, paler skin, wears a ton of rings/ jewlery, eyeliner, hazel eyes

personality~ independent, overly honest sometimes, angsty, carefree, can come off as mean but is not

zodiac~ leo

sexuality~ bi, poly

likes~ rock music, skating, longboarding, thrifting, film photography

dislikes~ super opinionated people, sitting still, adults, 

NOW PLAYING Come as You Are ~ Nirvana | 2:01 ─────O───────── 3:38 |

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