☆Hiya Puddin! ☆

Huh? What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry, it’s the voices. Ahaha, I’m kidding! JEEZ! That’s not what they really said. <3

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<style type="text/css">* {cursor: url(, auto !important;}</style> Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya. *holds out hand* Love your perfume, what is that? The stench of death? Ahaha,you seem nice.

↓ My pets:
<summary> </summary>
From Aura Black, her name is Twinkletoes, COME AT ME RAWR:

this one is from Mrs. Rainbow Malfoy and her name is Cookie <3

This is from Oliver ♡ and her name is mochi! ♡♡♡♡

Taylor is from da funky duck hehe

From viola! His name is Chubs cuz hes chubby :3

From Lemon! <3 Her name is Hinata! (you would understand if you watched Naruto!)


Name: Aurora Greenheart
Number 1 nickname anyone can call me:
Harley Quinn

Nicknames only draco can call me :

small waist??? (hes weird ahha, very very weird 0.0 )

ugly animal :/

weird apple <3

deformed friend >:3

brown ferret (:


Other Nicknames:
Dawn (only via aka a hooman that changes her name all the time, a note from her~ " ONLY MOI OR I SHALL KILL ZE PERSON")

Sleeping beauty ( only mrs holland)

Boujee queen/boujee/boujee weirdo/anything along those lines (anyone because I AM boujee and i own that word)

Chicken Nugget (1st of all dont ask why this is a nickname 2nd only amelia or i will stab you to death , just kidding....just kidding.....)

Killuas wife/Mrs. Zoldyck (anyone!!)

Chrismtas queen (friends only, probs not you!)

Oliver Woods wife/ Mrs. Wood (anyone XX)

Mrs. Weasley or Freds wife, (anyone)

Jade (just kitty cat)



Limeade (anyone , it's like lemonade but made from limes >~<)



Lime (only lemon plz UWU )

Aurie (Hannah only )

Princess Aurora ( princess mallory ONLY)

Ora (only ashlynn aka lemon :3 ) ( sounds the same as Aura but diff spelling )

Goldie (aliya only)

Apple (aliya only)

Aur (Only Faith aka the girl that changed her name 24/7)

Rory (elizabeth black ONLY)

Auror (Lιȥȥιҽ Tσɳƙʂ only)

Aurori (my old friend jasmine actually used to call me this......heh anyways only Annemendra)

Auri (idc anyone i guess)

Rora (lili only bruh)

Scissors queen (only my crazy physco friend or I will pull my scissors on you <3 )


─── feelings die───
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<summary>RP rules </summary>
Try to put it into detail when you are rping with me , not "hi" I said.
At most be PG13-14 Sooooo not like crazy stuff, ok?
Romance roleplays are ok, but like i said it has to be PG13-14
dont make everything about you, we can both share the spotlight <3 Or not even spotlight just idk dont make everything about you, and if you do thats why I didn't respond to your owl :D
Our characters can hate each other i guess (i dont prefer it though unless your draco or someone) but don't bash and control my character, or turn everything they do into some sort of joke.
Like I said be detailed but YOU MUST HAVE DIALOUGE WITH MY OC DUH
Please no *shrugs* in a rp.

↓My OCS:
OC:Aurora Greenheart
FC: Eliazabeth G. (Jade west) Depends on RP! Sometimes her faceclaim will be Harley Quinn. But for the account, my FC is always Harley Quinn.
Aesthetic: grunge (egirl if you must)
House: Slytherin
Personality: Sassy,kinda crazy, talks a lot of trash, clever, stands her ground, soft spot for some people. Pretty good with new people, as long as they come across as a person she would like. Tolerates very few people. If she's not mad over something to be mad about, worry, because she's gonna lose her shiz
Sexuality: Bisexual
OC: Nany Keller
FC: Marylin Monroe
Aesthetic: Modern 50s clothing
House: Gryffindor
Personality: Brave, elegant, kind, has strong opinions and sticks up for herself. Huge feminist! Old fashioned in clothing, makeup, style, and her voice sounds like a girl from one of those old movies.
Sexuality: Bisexual

OC: Blair White
FC: Bella Thorne
aesthetic: mainly wears party outfits and skinny tight dresses
House: Slytherin!
Personality: Loves to bake and cook! Down to party anytime anywhere. Really nice actually but not overdone, the story changes when you're rude to her, she bites back. <3
Sexuality: Lesbian

OC:Scarlett Keller
FC:Loren Gray
Aesthetic: Basic trendy cloths
House: Ravenclaw!
Personality: Sarcastic and loves food.......on another level. Has many friends but keeps close to only certain ones! She's very productive with her work though she may not enjoy it all the time......
Sexuality: no preference

OC: Raylnn Anise
FC: Billie Eilish
Aesthetic: Comfortable cloths, Skater
House: Slytherin
Personality: Best friends with Aurora ,Very chill and layed back, loves to sing, very honest.
Sexuality: Bisexual

OC: Aliya Raymond
FC:Camilla Cobello
Aesthetic: Light academia
House: Hufflepuff
Personality: Very bubbly and energetic, she can be nice but it depends on the person.
Sexuality: Pansexual

OC: Lidia Malfoy
FC: @Bnnybb
Aesthetic: Hardcore Grunge
House: Slytherin
Personality: Clever, cunning, and really high tempered, Loves to chill and watch movies. Makes fun of her brother, draco a lot....but loves him and has a soft spot for him at times. (I'm lowkey like her too.)
Sexuality: Bisexual

OC: Cidney Allen
FC: Not to sure
Aesthetic: Stoner
House: Hufflepuff
Personality: Usually grumpy and tired, closed off, not rude but not really nice, stands her ground. Very loyal.
Sexuality: Bisexual


<summary>Basic information that is probably relevant.</summary>
house: Slytherin, duh.
Patronus: Pheasant, lol.
Wand: cedar wood, phoenix core feather, 13 1/4'
hybrid house: slytherin x ravenclaw =slytherclaw
Birthday: July 30th (yes i know before harry potters , how special ha ha.)
Zodiac/star sign: A crazy Leo! RAWR

Simping for Harley Quinn (duh)

Um, I'm attracted to both Male and Female, so the label for that would be Bisexual.. whatever you want to call it. Labels are kind of dumb. I kinda have a female lean, so yeah (:

<summary>Personality and more about me.</summary>
I'm a very complex confusing person. I'm kinda crazy, and um I stand my ground and tend to get defense pretty quick. I can be nice, but not all the time. I'm very pessimistic and yes, I am anti-social. I avoid eye contact usually because in real life I'm very awkward to be around when we're not close or I haven't seen you in a while. I can very much so be funny, but it depends on the vibe you're giving off and if you're matching my energy. Sometimes I take things to literal or not serious enough. I do like to read, depending on the genre or book itself, obviously I love Harry Potter. I have a lot of aesthetics that I'm interested in. My music taste is all over the place, from Conan Gray to My Chemical Romance. Am I smart? Yes, Am I lazy? Yes. If I'm rude to you don't take it 100% personally but if I'm nice to you don't feel special. I like argumentative conversations when the person I'm arguing with is relevant to the conversation and we can be proper about it, even if it does include a bit of yelling. If you don't use facts in a argument just know, I already won. I can be sensitive but I am tough, I'm not bipolar but I have the attitude of it lol. I like to change the topic a lot in conversations. I also am VERY sarcastic. But the rest depends on you.
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BTW I delete chain mail (:
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