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Outside of my role, I am from Argentina, proud to be from there, on the page there are not so many Spaniards, a little more of me outside of the role. I have my brother who plays a role here

Name: Jannesa Camile

Surname: Rosier Ortega

Age: 16 years old

Nicknames: Ness, nessa, cami, cam-cam,mile, amile, jannie or jane.

Brothers: Axel Rosier ( 17 years old ), Lucas Ortega ( 19 years old ) and Alessia Ortega ( 20 years old ).

My older siblings Lucas and Alessia are part of my father, the only one who belongs to my parents is Axel, I am the youngest daughter of a divorced couple. I was born in Italy but I went to live in Argentina, my mother is from Argentina and my father is from Spain, at the age of 16 I moved to Canada for a scholarship at my school, it is very good to be away from my troubled family.

Discord:Ꮮᥙꪑเᥒꫀ ☁#9095


Skin color: white 

Eyes color: From mom blue eyes

Tattoos: I don't have.

Height: 1'55 yes I'm a dwarf

Hair: From dad blond with brown streaks ( I painted it )

I'm kind, but when I get angry I lose control and I don't know what I'm speaking, I have a bit of a Spanish background but I don't say, Holy shit, man, just because I'm from a Spanish family doesn't mean that everyone speaks it, I can be very affectionate with others. what do I want.


╰┈✂ Historia rol


˗ˏˋ ♡ ˎˊ˗ Nombre: Janessa Olivia Lily Malfoy Potter



˗ˏˋ Apodos: Liv,Ness,Nessa, Oli, Li and Jannie.


ੈ✩‧₊˚Age: 14 years old


🕊Year: 3 year


˚ʚ♡ɞ˚Amortentia: Perfume, green apple and books


┊ . ˚ ˚✩ Godmothers:

Hermione Granger

Luna Lovegood



Ron Weasley

Blaise Zabini



Pansy Parkinson

ginny weasley 

cho chang



Draco Malfoy (Father)

Harry Potter (Dad)



Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy Potter



Narcissa malfoy

Lucius malfoy

James potter

Lily Evans


 ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩ Brigitte es la hija menor de Malfoy y Potter va a Hogwarts y es amiga de Rose Weasley y Brandom Zabini , la criaron bien, no discrimina a los niños nacidos de muggles o mestizos "ya que ella papá es uno". Nessa is recognized by her friends as beauty and kindness.

By their teachers as intelligence and wisdom.

By their parents as obedience and respect

And for his brother as a nuisance and a bad life She and her brother hate each other, but, even though they hate each other, they have a mutual affection, her brother is very jealous and does not like to see his sister suffer, anyone who makes him suffer will take out that character from Draco.

She brought out Harry's intelligence, kindness and honesty. The spoiled demeanor he sometimes has got him out of Draco, and the beauty got him out of both of them.



My appearance


The photos are not real!


My hair:



My face:



My eyes:







╰──╮ ╭──╯


♡🦋 Tiene un pequeño tatuaje en el dedo medio de un hurón y sus ojos son verdes al igual que Harry, sus clases favoritas son Astronomía e Historia Muggle Cuando está molesta sus ojos se vuelven de color verde oscuro pero rara vez la verás para que puedas encontrarla en la biblioteca leyendo sus libros muggles favoritos ''Romeo y Julieta''


.⋆。⋆˚。Estado romántico: Nada por ahora está esperando al correcto


╰┈➤ No le gusta que le recuerden que su padre era un Mortífago, eso le molesta y hasta puede matarte.

Amigo en la pagina: 

bellatrix ambar evans


Jade lestrange

ಇ Si has leído hasta aquí es porque te interesa, no dudes en enviar una lechuza para hacer un rp.

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