Jane M.

Student, Hufflepuff Seeker

Hi! I'm Jane, and I’m always up for making new friends. Feel free to say hi on my wall + my owls are always open :) remember you are loved, valid and amazing

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Hello! I’m Jane!

About Me

Appearance: short fluffy light brown hair, with layers (see my pfp). brown/hazel eyes, 5'7" ish

Nationality: american

Pronouns: she/they (but honestly idc)

Sexuality: asexual and queer i dont really know


I love reading, Harry Potter (obviously), Percy Jackson, The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, Orphan Island, The Sidekick Squad Series

I like to draw (but I'm not very good).

I tap dance.

I like to journal/write.

I do theater.

I am teaching myself how to play the ukelele and I can kind of play piano.

I like to crochet.



Favorite Colors: purple, green, yellow

Favorite Food: potatoes (specifically tater tots)

Favorite Music: owl city, anything from a musical, no faker by mxmtoon and so much more but I can't pick

Favorite Flower: alliums + daffodils

Favorite Season: spring

Favorite Day of the Week: thursday

Favorite Animal: red panda

Favorite Scents: contact paper, hot glue, new books, candles, rain

Wizarding World Facts

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Favorite Subjects: Charms and Herbology

Wand: Elm, Unicorn Hair, 10 in

Secondary House: Gryffindor

Pets: Owl named Owliver (picture below)

Quidditch Position: Seeker

Mirror of Erised: Pure happiness (although idk how that would look in physical form)

Boggart: Death or shots

Patronus: Badger (yes I am that much of a Hufflepuff)

Hogwarts Backstory

I was sorted into Hufflepuff in my first year, because of my fierce loyalty to stand up for my friends and what I believe in. I also love adventures with my friends and sometimes making mischief. I love Hogwarts so much, I went to muggle Elementary school and Hogwarts is MUCH better. I am a Half-Blood, my mom is a witch and my dad is a muggle. I am a great friend but can be shy around people I don't know and sometimes can appear weak or scared. I'm not sure what I want to do after I finish school, maybe I'll teach at Hogwarts or.... I don't know yet. I guess I still have time to decide.

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