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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - We drink the poison our minds pour for us, and wonder why we feel so sick. (Quotes)

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Please feel free to owl if you want to rp, or just talk!


Feel free to message me if you just want to talk. : )

<details>Roleplay:</details><details>>!I ask for trigger warnings before suicide stuff, tics, self harm or anxiety attacks happen! >Longish responses and decent grammer. (If there is a language barrier I'll make an exception) >PG-13 or less especially for romance >I do enjoy rps other then Harry Potter, like fantasy, dystopian or one of my listed fandoms. >When I say, "Apocolypse rp" I would ask that the only unnatural creatures are zombies. >If I don’t respond in two days, please owl me. If not give me time to respond. >Please do not control my character. >No asterisks (This * ).</details><details><details>Roleplay rules</details><details>To all the people I've been rping with or will rp with: If it's taken me a long time to respond here's what may have happened; -I forgot about the rp -I read your message, my brain was in overload atm, then later I forgot -I got bored of it -I forgot -I deleted my notifications accidentally -Idk what to say -You're not following my rules but I feel too rude to remind you Thanks for understanding!</details></details><details>
Name: Blaise Elizabeth Saveheart Pronouns: She/He/They (Just ask) Sexuality: Ace, Biromantic Stage: First Year Roleplaying Year: Fifth Year Roleplaying Age: 16 Blood Status: Half-blood House: Ravenclaw</details><details>
<summary>Current Pronouns</summary>
He/She/They atm</details><details>
Height: 5'11"</details><details>
<summary>More About Me</summary>
Hybrid House: Slytherclaw Wand: Redwood, dragon heartstring, 13", and slightly yielding flexibility Pets: Jellybean, my calico cat (1 yrs). Smoky, my shorthair kitten. Patronus: Runespoor Future Job Aspiration: Herbology Professor, witch/wizard therapist, nothing. Birthday: January 27th, 2005 Sign: Aquarius Likes: Cats, reading, riddles, Quidditch, learning new things, acting, ASL, Herbology, writing, fx makeup, tree climbing, and headbands. Dislikes: Bullies, when someone sets something up and no one shows/it gets destroyed, the sound of people chewing, being falsely accused, judgmental people, Astronomy, and the Unforgivable curses.</details><details>
Blaise was born to a Witch, Eva, and her muggle (godly) father, Apollo. Blaise has a twin named Robin. (lots of half). Blaise was very close with their uncle until his passing when they were 12.</details><details>
(This is so if we rp, you know what classes I would have) Mon=Tues=Wed=Thur=Fri 1 |Char|Poti|Tran|-----|---- 2 |------|Hrb|------|-----|DADA 3 |------|----|Astro|HoM|----</details><details>
FIRST YEAR ASTR 101: In progress (P) CHRM 101: In progress (A) DADA 101: In progress (O) HERB 101: 91% - O HOM 101: In progress (P) PTNS 101: In progress (O) TNFG 101: In progress (E) SECOND YEAR CoMC: In Progress (-) HERB 201: In Progress (-)</details><details>
<summary>Clubs and Roleplays</summary>
I'm in... ~Hogsmeade Roleplay ~LGBTQIA+ HIH Community ~Ravenclaw's Common Room ~THE 5TH HOUSE ~The Broken Isles ~The Great Hall I made... ~Ravenclaw Door Knocker -Savven (Gemstone Town)</details><details>
<summary>Other Fandoms</summary>
Anne of Green Gables (Whole book series) Divergent (Books) Hero's of Olympus How to Train Your Dragon (Movies) Marvel Cinematic Universe Maze Runner (Books and Movies) Merlin (TV Series) Newsies (The Musical) Once Upon a Time Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Chronicles of Narnia (Books and Movies) The Hunger Games (Books and Movies) The Lightening Thief (Musical) DSMP (Minecraft Roleplay)</details><details>
<summary>Clubs and Roleplays Links</summary>
I'm in... ~Hogsmeade Roleplay (RP, ) ~LGBTQIA+ HIH Community (G, ) ~Ravenclaw's Common Room (RP, ) ~THE 5TH HOUSE (G, ) ~The Broken Isles (RP, ) ~The Great Hall (RP, ) I made... ~Ravenclaw Door Knocker (RP, ) -Savven (Gemstone Town) (RP, )</details><details>
<summary>More OC's</summary>
<summary>Anthony Mack</summary>
Name: Anthony Mack Gender: Male (ftm) Sexuality: Gay Personality: Closed off, can be rude, actual softie, skilled fighter, protective bf. Roleplaying Age: 16 Eye color: Brown Hair: Brown Height: 5'3" Skin Tone: Brown Style: Dark, Emo Status: Single House: Hufflepuff </details><details>
<summary>Rosemary Nightdale</summary>
Name: Rosemary Paige Nightdale Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Bisexual Roleplaying Age: 16 Eye color: Blue Hair: Strawberry Blonde Height: 5'6" Skin Tone: Pale Style: Fairy cottagecore Status: Single Personality: Happy, optimistic, loud, giggly, bouncy. House: Hufflepuff </details><details>
<summary>Xavier Nightdale</summary>
Name: Xavier Kevin Nightdale Pronouns: He/Him Sexuality: Bisexual Roleplaying Age: 17 Eye color: Gray Hair: Dark Brown Height: 5'11" Skin Tone: Pale Style: Emo or spring dresses- no inbetween Status: Single Personality: Outspoken, funny, sarcastic, teaser, thoughtful, open House: Gryffindor </details><details>
<summary>Abebi Nneji</summary>
Name: Abebi Xarika Nneji Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Lesbian Roleplaying Age: 16-18 Eye color: Chocolate Hair: Dark Brown Height: 5'9" Skin Tone: Chocolate Style: Flannels or button ups. Status: Single Personality: Bold, leader, outspoken, ambitious, forgetful, sarcastic, goofy. House: Slytherin </details></details><details>
Feel free to use any or request any.<details>
(OC) sat in potions class, not really paying attention to the lesson. They kept glancing over at a (gender) with (color) hair. They twirled their pen mindlessly, chin resting on their other hand. "(OC)!" The teacher said. Their head snapped up. "I said," The teacher repeated, "name two ingredients in Felix Felicis." "Oh uh," They stammered. "Squill bulb and uh... murtlap tentacle." The teacher pursed their lips. "Correct." (OC) turned back to look at (gender). °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• (OC) was leaning against a bookcase. They had been trying to find a book for their Herbology homework, and accidentally found themselves in the fantasy isle, reading a book by a muggle. They slide down to the ground, flipping the page. "One more chapter." They mumbled to themselves and they fixed the book so they could read off the moonlight. Squinting at the page, they heard a crash that caused them to yelp. "Hello?" They said, peeking down towards the tables.</details><details>
(Title) (OC) stood on the outside of the ballroom, watching people sway from side to side. They took another sip of wine. The music was a song that seemed to be played at every one of these events, and they were growing tired of it. It wasn't that they disliked social gatherings, but they never had anyone to talk to. They watched counts and countesses, ladies and gentlemen swirl around the room to the song, dancing a dance they knew well.</details></details><details>
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