Hi!/¡Hola!/Haló! feel free to read my backstory!

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welcome to my page! hope you like it! 


so my name is Ochre (oh-ker), i am a raging bisexual and go by they/them pronouns tho i dont hoenstly give a shit. feel free to follow me ill follow back as soon as i can! my messages are also always open for any queries or if you just need to talk. im a very active member of the LGBTQ community group! we have over 10,000 people!

so yeah i also love to roleplay! i enjoy fantasy, sci fi, dystopian or whatever! i just dont enjoy romance so much, i personally find it awkward to do! Same goes for anything mature, please don't ask for that/send me starters with that.feel free to contact if you want people to join your roleplay group tho! i love being a part of group roleplays! so anyways much love to you all! <3

(aesthetic credit to abby: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/1291205/

extra info idk:

  • Wand- Red oak wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¾" and quite bendy flexibility

  • Patronus- salmon 

  • house- slytherpuff

  • celtic pagan living in the UK, i personally worship Lugh!

  • witch!(IRL. if youre gonna give the whole "men cant be witches" spiel don't, it won't end well for anyone involved, especially not you.)

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