Grey K

Student, Gryffindor Chaser

Hey! I'm Grey! If you wanna talk send over an owl to my dorm (: Thanks to Cassie Scamander for the background (:

  • Joined April 2021
  • Member of Gryffindor
  • 462 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


I was sorted into Gryffindor house as the rest of my family was, no surprise! I am half-blood, and both of my parents are wizards, but my dad is muggle born. I got my acceptance letter, which we knew would come since I had shown signs of magic. I was sorted into Gryffindor because I am a brave, loyal, and adventurous person. I stand up for my friends and what I think is right. I love life at Hogwarts and my favorite subjects are Herbology, DADA and transfiguration. I enjoy spending time with my friends in the Come and Go room since we are in different houses. I also enjoy playing with my calico cat, Luna, and tabby Bugsy, and I write to my family often. After I finish school I want to take a break to travel and then return back to Hogwarts to become a Professor.

Thanks to Cassie Scamander for the aesthetic background (: she did AMAZING

she/her pronouns

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Favorite Subjects: DADA and Herbology

Wand: Ash, Pheonix Feather, 16 in

Secondary House: Hufflepuff

Pets: Cats (Luna, Bugsy)

Quidditch Position: Chaser

Mirror of Erised: Happiness and love

Boggart: legit probably a shark eating me


Hair- Wavy, dirty blonde, long-ish, usually in two french braids

Height- One of the tallest girls in the year.

Eyes- Greenish blueish

Fav color- blue

Fav animal- Cats, racoons, and owls

Fav food- sPriNkLeS, bread, and mac n cheese

I started a quidditch league if you want to join:

Hufflepuff Team is full!!

Gryffindor Team is full!!




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