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hello ppl im male/bi / I'm pretty supportive ig depends on the situation/and I'm kinda psychotic / and yeah I'm down for any Rp.

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Name: Eijirio but you can call meh Ei 

Gender: Male

Sexuality: bi

sisters are: @Emma (IRL twin), @Kimmy(irl little sis) @Lilly Black

Besties irl: @Kato, @Jay, @Damien, @Aspen, @Braylin, @Conner, @ Kane, @ Josh, @ Rico, @ Archer, etc.

Besties who should know that they are loved by all!!: @Cloud- love ya   @Lilly black- keep being you your awesome 

in a relationship with: My bestie A.K.A. Kat 

books: Taylors quest, Razors crew (check em out or not your choice)

Oc's (If in a rp with me choose one): 


He has a variety of roles depending on the type of rp

Age: 16-20 (depends)

Height: 5 foot to 6’10 (depends on the age)

Sex: male 

Sexuality: bi 

Zodiac: Aries

Birthday: 4/1

He’s more like the bad boy type but unusually nice. He’s goofy and always doing crazy stunts.  He ends up in the principal's office a lot mostly for fighting. He’s pretty strong and is always surrounded by a group of friends. He is also Luka and Lex's brother


He also has a variety of roles. 

Age: ranges from 16-19 (depends on rp)

Height: Ranges from 4 feet to 6 feet (depends on age)

Sex: Male

Sexuality: bi prefers boys 

Zodiac: Libra

Birthday: 10/4

He's nicer than his brothers and nice to everyone. He’s the favorite of the teachers and sometimes by his parents. He is surrounded by friends like his brother but tries to catch some alone time every once in a while. He has a special bond with their dog/wolf hybrid and they are inseparable. He’s Lucif and Lex's brother


Lex has different roles that vary

Age: Ranges between 13-17 

Height: Ranges from 4 foot to 5 foot

 Sex: Male

Sexualtiny: Straight but turns bi eventually

Zodiac: Scorpio 

Birthday: 11/6 

He’s kinda nice but is also mean at the same time. He doesn't have time for low lives and will speak his mind. He isn’t afraid to start or finish fights and is the leader of many groups. He is rarely seen without a group of friends by his side and he can act childish and selfish. His brothers are Luka and Lucif


His roles also vary 

Age: 13-17

Height: 4foot to 5’10

Sex: male

Sexuality: turns bi but straight

Zodiac: pisces

Birthday: 3/10

He is a very nice and collected person. He mostly keeps to himself and he’s kind of curious. His friends are Charlie and Josh. He’s never surrounded unless he’s in a fight. He gets underestimated a lot and that makes him very angry.


His roles vary 

Age: 17-23

Height: 5 foot to 6 foot

Sex: Male

Sxuality: Straight but turns bi

Zodiac: Leo 

Birthday: 8/20

He’s sort of the smart one answering all the questions. He has many friends and many enemies. He’s kinda psychotic and curses most of the time. He never loses a fight and had a big ego and reputation. 


Age: between 17-28

Height: 4 foot to 5 foot 

Sex: female

Sexuality: Bi

Zodiac: saggi 

She's a tomboy and very nice to people. She has a small group of friends only close ones and she loves to talk to different people. She's normally found at the skatepark or in her room drawing. 






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