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Hey! I’m just here to make friends. Treat people with kindness and have a nice day!

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Hi everybody! 

I'm Mari. I'm 15, and I'm aromantic asexual. My pronouns are she/her. 

Some of my interests are dance, basketball, volleyball, band (specifically flute), books, and space. 

Some of my fandoms, or books I've read and series I've watched that I recommend, are Shadowhunters, The Umbrella Academy, Cobra Kai, Unwind, The Raven Cycle, Six of Crows, Shadow and Bone, and All for the Game. 

I'm always available as someone to lean on or rant to, and my owls are always open. Feel free to come to me for advice or help anytime. 

Be respectful! Please don't be rude to me, and try to be a nice person. I don't like sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist or ableist people. 

My mental/physical health isn't super consistent. I have anxiety and a whole lot of stomach issues.  Sometimes I might take breaks from here, but I'll always try and come back.

Come talk to me! Start random conversations, be weird, whatever you'd like. I'm always looking for book recs. 


My OCs (wip):

Name: Liêu Martin

Age: 15-17, whatever works for the rp  

Sexuality: Whatever works for the rp

Ethnic Background: Half Vietnamese (mom), Half Swiss (dad)  

Appearance: Straight, dark brown (almost black) hair, light brown eyes. 5.3", scrawny but muscular, not intentionally, she just can't keep weight on. Natural tan. She dresses preppy but trendy.

Personality: Sweet, caring, academic perfectionist. Always tries to help out other people.

Name: Madeleine Elliott

Age: 15-17, whatever works for the rp  

Sexuality: Whatever works for the rp

Ethnic background: British origins but her family has been in North America for a long time.

Appearance: Long wavy blonde hair that's usually in an updo, blue eyes. 5.9" and willowy. Pale with freckles, couldn't tan if she tried.  She usually wears dresses and skirts in pastel tones. 

Personality: Optimistic, very independent, hard worker.  

(updated 07/11/21)


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