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I would like to appolegise before hand of any spelling or grama mistakes.

Wand: Length - 13 1/2 Inches, Wood - Willow, Core - Pheonix Feather, Flexibility - Unyilding     

Patronus: Wolf     

Amortencia: Mint, Petrol (don't question), Lavender, Freashly baked Bread and Freashly coocked Bacon.                                                                                                             

Hi, I am Crystal. My life has be tough. Both my parents are dead, my mum died while giving birth to me. I always blame my-self for it because if I hadn't been born then she wouldn't you have died and left my dad depressed enough to kill himself when I was three. I have lived with my cousins ever since. I had to move from Australia to America. I love my cousins and would do anything to keep them safe. It was fun to play with all of the triplets friends but I kind of felt left out whenever that started talking about there blood stats, and for some reason they did it alot. As I had lost my parents when I was young I never thought it was that important to know your blood stats so I didn't try to remember, but when I would ask no one would tell me.


When I was eleven I got a letter saying that I had been accepted tot the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I was so exited and couldn't wait to go with my cousins. However as soon as we got inside the school grounds they let me for their friends that had also got accepted. So for three years no one really paid attention to me until the end of my third year when someone spread a roumor that I had killed my parents. I got so angry that I acsidently pushed an inocent person down the steps to their death. After that I was expelled.


I thought that was the end for me and my magic but one night I got and owl from Albus Dumbledore saying that they were happy for me to continue my studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcreats ad Wizardry in Scotland. As my cousins had disowned me from their family and there was nothing keeping me here, I sent an owl back and thanked him for his offer and said that I would love to come to Hogwarts. I went to bed thinking details will be sorted later. When I woke up however I was not in my room. I looked around and saw Dumbledore. He explaind everything about Hogwarts, how I would be starting my forth year, how to get to that school and what will happen when I got there. I was kind of nervous but really exited at the same time.


When I hopped off the Hogwarts Express a teacher with long black robes, greasy black hair and a big nose escorted me to the castle. We waited outside the Great Hall until the doors flew open and the teacher pushed me so I woud walk throught the rows of tables. I didn't think anyone would know of what happend back home but everyone was staring and whispering. I sat on the stool like Dumbledore told me to and got sorted into Slytherin. It wasn't until later that night when the teacher that had escorted me to the castle, Professor Snape he called himself, escorted me to the dormatries did I find the true story about my parents.


My father was still alive. He had faked his death because he didn't want to look after me by himself anymore, he said I was a tyrant. So instead of bringing me with him he moved to England to start a new family. He got married and as his wife couldn't have babies he addopted his son, he named him Draco after his favourite creature the dragon. My fathers name was Lucius Malfoy and my mothers name was Bellatrix Lestrange.

To any one who actually finished the whole backstory I applude you.

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