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Katrina Laufeydottir

Hogwarts Background

Was sorted into Hufflepuff which dissapointed her father but her older brother Loki was so proud of her.  She chose to go to Hogwarts because although she was trained in both magic and combat in Asgard she always loved the magical trainging best.  She is a bit of a prankster like her older brother Loki, who annoys the crap out of her most days but is always there for her whne she is sad. 

Marvel Background

Loki was not the only child Odin stole from the first giants he stole the prince Loki and the princess Katrina Laufeydottir.  She is four years younger than Loki but they are best friends.  She is a frost giant as well, and fought against the Avengers in the Battle of New York.  She then became an Avenger after they realized both her and Loki were being mind controlled by Thanos.  She is able to weild Mjolnir and is trained in combat like her brother Thor as well as magic like her brother Loki.  She is polyamorous and is dating Michelle Jones, and Peter Parker.  She is fifteen years old in human years, and goes to Midtown High School.  Her bestfriends are Wanda Maximoff, Loki Laufeyson, Natasha Romanoff, and Bucky Barnes.  Clint still holds a bit of a grudge for New York and Tony doesn't want her dating his son.

Fandoms I Will Rp


-Harry Potter

-Vampire Diarires


-Percy Jackson


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