Avery Alexandria Fawley

Slytherin in a family of hufflepuffs

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Name: Avery Alexandria fawley

other names (names I've used in roleplays)

Avery Alexandria Potter/Snape (the slash is because they are from the same roleplay)  

Avery. (Doesn't have a last or middle name).                                             

Avery Alexandria malfoy. 

Ok ok I just want to state a few things. I hold no bad attitude towards the other houses even though I'm a slytherin.

I hold no bad attitude towards the other blood types even though I am a pure blood, you can't choose your biological family so I see no point in hating others because of their family.

my family is complete hufflepuff, my brother and both my parents are hufflepuffs, I grew up with hufflepuffs so naturally hufflepuffs are my second favorite house next to mine so if you wanna be friends with me, don't talk shit about hufflepuffs okay? 

I respect the malfoy family even though we have different veiws, they still are a powerful family.

i look up to professor Snape.

i want to be a hogwarts teacher.

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