Hermione Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw Student

Ambitious, Determined, Driven, Friendly, Potterhead ALERT, Writer, SPEW supporter

  • Joined August 2021
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 360 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Australia


Magical details:

Patronous: A fox

Boggart: Failure

Wand: 9 1'4 inches, Vine Wood, Thestral Hair

Sister on HIH: Marlen!

Some other fear: Spiders (aaah), Wolves, anything that can murder me (apart from Humans, I don't know why)

Favorite food: Do chocolate frogs count?

Family Members: Me, Marlen (my sister), Amelie Prewett (Mother), Steven Ravenclaw (Father and descendant of Ravenclaw), Felicity (my sister)


My Backstory

I grew up in a village with my twin sister, Marlen. Together, we spent most of our summers and were very excited to go to Hogwarts. I felt such a thrill as I sat down - and the sorting hat touched my head.

RAVENCLAW it shouted, and I felt a surge of pride. It meant so much to me to be sorted in thesame house as my sister.

"Hello." A girl asked, who I later met - her name was Narcissa Slytherin. She had a shock of loose brown curls and brilliant blue eyes and from that moment, we just had to be friends. We worked hard, we hang out together (with Marlen and Narcissa).

With my connections, I made lot's of new friends. I met new people, and started groups - my record with the most members was 50!! Yes, it was a Quidditch team - and I'm planning on restarting it. For example - I met Pervaza Broom, who I made friends with in one of my Dorms and Pervaza, if you are reading it, you are one of m best friends here in Hogwarts. I'm glad I met you.

Andromeda Riddle, who, as it turned out, helped Narcissa settle in, in her first year so we made a fun chat in private messages. Now, I have met another girl named Belle Brooks, I don't know much abou her but I feel a friendship coming along!

My mother works in the Ministry of Magic, as Advisor to the Minister, and I love baking with her. She is a sweet, caring mother and always has time to spend with me and my siblings. She is active, has a furious passion for Quidditch and the mum that is always...you know, doing SOMEthing!

My Father works at St Mongos. He is usually a Doctor for the bites and other stuff like that. He is an expert on that matter and is clever, quiet and a bit like me some times! He has a hawk like appearance. He is also sisters with Minerva Mcgongall, who is a very strict aunt. But no one can hate her! :)


Letter about the Hogwarts Quidditch

Dear Reader,

Do you want to support your house? Would you like to play countless Quidditch Matches If the answer is yes, please do join the group that me and Marlen have created. All positions are now re-started and I am proud to say that I am active again - and determined.

All houses are welcome and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Marlen and me.

Thank you,

Hermione Jean Ravenclaw

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