Lily Lemondrop

Hufflepuff Student/Beater

Hello! I'm Lily River Lemondrop, but you can call me Lil or Lils!

  • Joined November 2021
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


 I was born in penslyvanina. When I was 7 I found out my mother was a witch, and that I was a half-blood. She enrolled me in Hogwarts later on. Then I found out I had amazing powers, different from other witches and wizards. I could control water! Ever since I had learned to swim, I felt I had a connection with water. Then I found Splash, pawing at the water. She was able to talk! She said she was my familer and I introduced her River. Now I'm doing the best I can at hogwarts, and I hope I can make new friends here!


About Me:

Name: Lily

Gender: Female

House: Hufflepuff

Apperence: Brown hair, hazel eyes, and a girl's  Hufflepuff Hogwarts uniform.

Wand: 11" Hazel wood, Veela Hair wand.

Personality: Friendly, happy, silly, powerful, bubbly.

Job Intrest: Healer or Professor

Animagus: Cat 

Animagus Apperance: Orange tabby with a white belly and mouth surrounding, with blue eyes.. The markings are a little circle around one of the cat's four legs, because I (Lily) weres a braclet on her arm.

Patronus: Otter

Quidditch Position: Beater (Next year maybe going to change to Seeker)

Favorite Subject: HERB-101

Pets: Muffin, my cruppie, and Luna, my purple pygmy puff. (Don't worry, Spash and muffin don't try to eat Luna!)

Familer: Spalsh, a gray cat with blue eyes.

Messenger Owl: River.

Blood Status: Half-Blood


Mah real life Nicknames

Real-Life Nickname/s: Lily (Yes, my Hih name), Lilypad (DO NOT USE), and Lils/Lil.



Wizard/Witch and Muggle Oc's:

Name: Flora S. Berrybloom

Gender: Female

How she looks: Blone hair with peach skin and blue eyes.

Mother: Darla M. Berrybloom

Magic or Muggle: Muggle

Father: Steve K. Berrybloom


Name: Liam Birch

Age: (Depends on RP)

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Green

Height: (Depends on RP)

Favorite Color: Sea foam green

Sexuality: Bisexual

Patronus: Phoenix 

Amiagus: None

Magic or Muggle: Magic


Name: Lucas Gardenshrub

Age: (Depends on RP)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Light Blue

Height: (Depends on RP)

Favorite Color: Pearl White

Sexuality: Bisexual

Patronus: Horse

Amigus: None

Magic or Muggle: Magic

(Owl me to RP!)


Element Wolf RP Ocs (Just so you know I made up these pack names AND don't Wolf RP very much. But still, I like it!):

Name: Blaze

Gender: Male (Or Tom-Wolf, each way is the same)

Type: Fire Wolf

Pack: Blazing Forest

Rank: Fighter


Name: Stream

Gender: Female (Or She-Wolf!)

Type: Water Wolf

Pack: River Flow

Rank: (Still Training)


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