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On 20th November 1979 Misty Evergreen was born. The daughter of Lupin and Tonks. From the reputation of her father she was seen differently from many wizards. Each one thought she was going to be a 'moony', but from her devoted bloodlines of powerful wizards and witches like her great Aunt Bellatrix, she never became afraid of the gleaming full moon. In 1991, Misty received a letter from Hogwarts accepting her as a new profound student with wonderful potential in the future. This is where she befriended Ron, Hermione and the Harry Potter. The sorting hat had deep mystery for Misty. "You'd be an excellent slytherin, but a heart like a Griffindor, yet the intelligence of a ravenclaw and the honesty like a hufflepuff, so where shall I put you...RAVENCLAW!" Misty was dissatisfied from the sorting hats choice as she was departed from her new friends however Misty achieved magnificently in Ravenclaw. Over the years for misty's adventure in Hogwarts she finds herself in many sticky situations with her other friends and a set of dismissive situations in her family bloodline. With the many death eaters and, secrets in her family it affects everyone's thoughts upon her, with her special connection to Lord Voldemort. Snake language, dreams, hallucinations and actions are all signs that maybe Harry Potter wasn't the only one that Voldemort wants...

Friends: Sirius(father figure when lupin disappears), Katie(Sirius' daughter), Harry, hermione, ron.

Enemy: draco(cousins)

crush: Harry

patronous: horse



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