Maddie Ella-Grace Weasley

If you know my sins.- Ellise

"If I was dying on my knees You would be the one to rescue me" -Kodaline.

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Favorite Song Quote!

“5 years, 20 years, come back

It will always be the same”-Kodaline


Hello everyone I’m Maddie Ella-Grace Weasley But everyone calls me Maddie! I’m part of a trio. I'm Fred and George’s little sister so if you mess with me then you better run as they like to call me their princess due to the three of us being so so close! But I am an Animagus and a Metamorphagus as well so I do change my appearance but it’s mostly my hair and eyes! So that should be all the info I have on me as you all know my house is Hufflepuff, to which I’m the only Weasley in our house be placed in a different house but they still love me since I’m what my mom says all the time as well as everyone is that I’m special!!!



Don’t Hesitate to Owl me for Rp or post on my wall okay I’ll try to respond whenever I’m on okay!!

My Fandoms For Rp!

Harry Potter

The Kingsman

Walking Dead

Fear Street 1994

Stranger Things

Criminal Minds

All of us are Dead [K-Drama]

The 100th 

Alice in Wonderland

The Chronicles of Narnia



Percy Jackson

I will Add More to this just can’t think at the moment!


This is my Anime Section for Rp!

Fairy Tail 

Hunter x Hunter


Death Parade

Sword Art Online

Attack on Titan 

[Haven’t seen season 2-3 I believe yet so be patient with me!]

Dragon Ball Z Series 


Black Butler

Boku No Hero [My Hero Academia]

The Promised to Neverland

GunSlinger Girl

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Spirited Away

And Many more just can’t think of any!



My Favorite Aesthetics





Here is some more info about me!

My favorite season:


My hobbies are 

Horseback,riding, taking Pictures, reading, Big Obvious Pranks!!, baking, Studying, helping others

And I believe that is the thing you need to know about me Oh! I said I had an Animagus form which is  A see through white wolf with a big flowy tail!

[What it looks like]

Also this is my Patronus which is A male Deer!


Alright Lovelies! I Believe that's everything you need to know about me!! I will add ways to contact me later if the site were to ever go down okay but for now Buh-Bye!!!


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