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Oh the Misery everyone wants to be my...

Don't get Shitty/Pissy with me if I deny an Rp, even if I post something Afterwards people sheesh!! [THAT'S CALLED BEING CHILDISH BEHAVIOR AND I WON'T HAVE IT!]

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Muggle Female Oc’s

Link: Oc’s Muggle


Muggle Male Oc’s



Fandom Oc’s




♠ [Link for other Starters]: Starter's [This will hold all my either New or Old Starter's so if you wish To Rp any of these] *Click Me*

Stranger Things [Season 1-4] ||FxF Robin x Nancy || 18+/NotSafeForWork [Anything Can Happen] ||Open Rp

Yandere Neighbor x Victim|| FxM 18+/NotSafeForWork || [Anything Can Happen] || Open Rp

Yandere Serial Killer x Student || MxM 18+/NotSafeForWork || [Anything Can Happen] ||Open Rp

[Warning!: These will be Swapped out daily depending on the Starter I have so keep an eye out!!]



Hello and welcome to my Page! I’m excited to meet everyone I’m ÷•..×  ʀᴘ ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ×..•÷ and I do hope that you’ll take really good care of me!!




[Here are some days that I can Rp!]

☯ Monday-Tuesday [I’m free anytime but the best time to catch me is after 4pm]

☯ Wednesday and Friday [I work during the morning so it will be till after 5pm that I’ll be able to!]

☯ Thursday and Weekends [Are the best to catch me to be able to Rp as I won’t have nothing to do!]


But do keep in mind even though I’m available to Rp any day just remember that I’m human as well as I will be on and off the site a lot as I am busy but I will make time for Rp!



𝔀𝒶Ĺ𝕝 尺𝕦𝓛εs-

[Please Read Everything!]

♠ No Advertising/ChainMail I don’t want it on my wall!

♠ No Homophobic/Racial Comments/Slurs or just rude behavior!

♠ if there’s a Rp going on in my wall do not jump in please!



ᖇp 𝒾ᶰℱ𝐎-

[Also another thing, I do 18+/Not Safe For Work Rp as well as Action/Romance/Paranormal/Gore type so if none of those Interest you then don’t ask to Rp please as I’m starting to write detailed paragraphs and I’m wanting someone to also do the same!] 

Rp Rules-

♠ All I ask is to Not Spam please. I am a busy person and I need time to think and also be able to do things outside HiH!

♠ One more thing! Please help write the Rp [Like Action parts or Romance Parts DON’T LET IT BE JUST ME if soo, then considered the Rp to be done as It sucks writing all the info myself it might as well be a Fanfiction at that point so PLEASE HELP WRITE!]



Fandom Section-

♠ Stranger Things

♠ Walking Dead

♠ Criminal Minds

♠ Harry Potter

♠ 100

♠ Chronicles of Narnia

♠ Pirates of the Caribbean 

♠ Sam and Colby 

[Just a little note: If anyone wants to do this Rp I play Sam better as I’m trying to get used to doing Colby but I just figured to let you know!]

♠ TFIL[Youtube-Mostly Paranormal!]


Anime Section-

♠ My Hero Academia

♠ Hunter x Hunter

♠ Sword Art Online

♠ Ouran Highschool Host Club

♠ Death Note

♠ Dragon Ball z [All Series!]

♠ Arcane

♠ Blue Exorcist

♠ Vampire Knight


Muggle Section-#1-

♠ Boss x Co-Worker

♠ Student x Teacher

♠ Student x Professor

♠ Student x Principal

♠ Any [Friends to whatever troupe!]

♠ Any [Yandere x anything!]


Muggle Section#2-

♠ Mother x Daughter

♠ Mother x Son

♠ Step-Mother x Son

♠ Step-Mother x Daughter

♠ Father x Daughter 

♠ Father x Son

♠ Step-Father x Son

♠ Step-Father x Daughter

♠ Aunt x Niece

♠ Aunt x Nephew

♠ Uncle x Nephew

♠ Uncle x Niece

♠ Brother x Sister 

♠ Sister x Sister

♠ Brother x Brother

♠ Step-Brother x Brother

♠ Step-Sister x Sister

♠ Step-Brother x Brother

♠ Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

♠ Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter



♠ Sam and Colby

♠ Drarry

♠ Dramione

♠ Wolfstar

♠ Mike x Will

♠ Nancy x Robin

♠ Steve x Johnathan

♠ Steve x Billy

♠ Peter x Caspian

♠ Susan x Caspian

♠ Sirius x James

♠ James x Remus



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