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Just owl me or post on my wall if you want to RP or just talk about literally anything, I’m always up for it.


About me Irl:

  • Scottish

  • Old teen 18+

  • Scorpio

  • I'm not telling you my actual name, silly ;)

Liked School Subjects: Sciences, History, English

Hobbies: Reading, adventuring, sports-ing, film watching, music-ing, procrastinating.

Likes: Forests, Rain, Autumn, snow, most things outdoors-y /in nature, reading, sleeping, discovering new things, Writing (albeit badly), finding out random facts.

HP information:

  • Slytherin house

  • Fox Patronus

  • Wand- 12", Ash wood with a unicorn tail core.

  • Quidditch- chaser

  • Prefered subjects- DADA, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures.





Here is the link to the OCs and to the starters. But please do read my RP requests before starting a roleplay.

Link for the OCs:

OCs - Google Slides

 Link for the Starters: 

Starters for RPs - Google Docs


Requests (Just a few pleas before we begin):

1. Please write decent replies; containing at least a few sentences, and ideas to bounce off.

2. Please use proper grammar/ spelling etc, and let the story make sense.

3. Please don't control my character-it's just not much fun from my side and it means that it's not really my character anymore.

4. Writing to be in the third person and past tense...please no asterisks, e.g. (*walks away *).

5. I have no triggers myself but PLEASE let me know if you do! As I will keep it in mind throughout.

6. Sometimes I may take AGES to reply so you'll have to bear with me, please don't send something a million times....BUT, (hehe butt :>) if it has been more than a few days DO send a gently reminder! I have likely been thinking of a reply etc and forgotten entirely, sadly this happens often and apologies for that.

7. If you don't like how an RP is going and want to end/change it, please let me know :)

8. Please try to have a decent amount of RP experience on ya before roleplaying.

9. That's it! :>


Roleplays/Fandoms: Muggle, fantasy, HP (obviously), Doctor Who, Merlin, Narnia, Anything Historical!! (especially early 1910s-20s)...I'm up for pretty much anything really- just ask and I'll say yay or nay!

I tend to use my own characters in roleplays, however, I will make an exception for certain canon characters if they are particularly interesting to me.

Mature Content Policy: I will do mature Roleplays, but only to a certain extent. Mature themes- (such as drink, drugs, violence, sex, etc) are okay, however explicit scenes of a sexual nature I will skim over, and will not do in detail (also please be of the legal age if writing this sort of thing- otherwise nopey nope nope). No sireee.





Best Roleplayers I have encountered here:

-Morgana Blaze


-Solanine Hopkirk

-Samantha Carhart





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