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The Cunning House of

     Volneratus non victus - Morior Invictus                                             

Carmen's Information 'here'. <- Click

// Born into a blood purist, Death Eater associated Family, Carmen was expected from a young age to follow in her families footsteps. However, as she got older and made sense of the world, she realised that her own ideals regarding blood purity were not the same as her family's and she had no intention of becoming a Death Eater. Although she loves her family, their relationship is strained and their constant pressure for her to meet their dark expectations pushes her away. Hogwarts is her home, her escape, her peace. Constantly torn between two families, two lives and two futures: The Dark arts or a chance at freedom.//

Age: 18+.

Sign: Libra.

Blood status: Pureblood.                              

Pet: Bombay cat called Sphinx.

Wand:  Laurel wood with dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2 inches and supple flexibility.

House: Slytherin.

{Seriously check out the information link above, it's all there.}


Owl me if you're interested :)

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